50 min

How to Scale Your Shopify Store to the Next Level

The upcoming next few months, weeks and even days are pivotal for any ecommerce business. That’s why we’ve assembled some of the best in the industry to fill you in on:

  • how to run profitable ecommerce campaigns on Taboola,
  • why Taboola is essential for ecommerce store owners,
  • efficiently leveraging affiliates through Clickbank,
  • the psychology behind building & driving sales,
  • optimizing campaigns through tracking & automation,
  • seamlessly scaling your Shopify store.
Take advantage of this opportunity to not only learn from these industry-leaders, but also ask! At the end of our webinar we will conduct a Q&A.  So sign up today for free & mark your calendars!

About Our Hosts

Lauren Lee

Ecommerce Sales Director (Clickbank)

Lauren Lee is ClickBank’s e-comm expert who works with e-commerce brands to unlock new sales channels with affiliates. She believes there is always a solution to scale brands, and you can always find a way to exceed goals. She is helping brands like yours craft scaled affiliate channels.

Katrina Hier

Marketing Manager (Voluum)

With nearly three years under her belt at Voluum, Katrina can say she’s an expert at the industry’s leading tracker. And that’s what she’ll be sharing: pro tips on not only tracking, but optimizing, automating, and scaling easily with Voluum’s fresh Shopify integration.

Patrick Walter

Growth Sales Team Lead (Taboola)

Patrick Walter leads the Growth Advertiser Sales Team in DACH at Taboola. He has been supporting performance marketers for +4 years to successfully integrate Taboola into their marketing mix and to achieve profitable results with native ads. In the last year, he focused on eCommerce clients with Shopify stores and helped them to scale quickly.

Andrey Kravchenko

Head of Business Development (Xevio)

Andrey is a Business Consultant & Co-Founder at Xevio, whose role in the agency is to support the advertiser growth on native advertising platforms. In his previous 5-year tenure at Taboola he’s helped launch hundreds of advertisers with $150M+ of combined ad spend, as well as published dozens of educational materials, including webinars, case studies, and articles. Tune in to hear about the latest industry insights, most converting geos/verticals, and creative angles relevant for the Q4 holiday season.

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