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Profitable & scalable: Running native ads as an alternative to Facebook

Profitable, scalable, and sustainable. This is what native ads are all about.

In comparison to the internet giants (like Meta & Google Ads), the native format is often overlooked, but can be an amazing alternative to maximize your advertising strategy. That is, if you’re willing to invest some time, effort & budget in your campaigns.

How to start? How to not make the typical newbie mistakes? This is what we want to show you!

Join our webinar to learn:

  • Best Practices for your first native ad
  • How to find a solid campaign
  • Ensuring bullet-proof tracking
  • Strategies for effective A/B testing & useful features to use
  • How to supercharge your CTRs and conversion rates
  • How to construct a winning marketing flow

About Our Hosts

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Tom Bell

Native ads expert, Revenue Tactics

Tom Bell is a 7 figure, multi-time ClickBank Platinum super affiliate and an expert in native advertising. He is also the founder of Revenue Tactics - one of the world's leading affiliate marketing education platforms.

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Shaun Hall

Director of Advertising Demand Partnerships, Revcontent

Shaun Hall is an 11 year veteran of the affiliate marketing industry. He has experience in affiliate management, media buying, network management and Saas sales. He won an AFFY Award in 2019 and is currently the Director of Advertising Demand Partnerships at RevContent.

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Kamila Luksza-Szpyt

Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Voluum

During my last 6 years with Voluum, I’ve seen native ads rise to the forefront of advertising. To make use of it, you need the right tools and strategies. I’d like to show you how you can utilize Voluum to understand your data, automate your campaigns and leverage optimization features to succeed.

Make your ads more profitable with Voluum!