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Black Friday Marketing Tips for 2020

Every year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday lure more users online. People are searching for product reviews, comparisons, and finally, the best deals.

During this time they really do pay attention to ads and the shopping craze takes over for the whole month. This is why November 2020 can be your golden moment as an affiliate.

Join this free webinar if you want to know:

  • What the impact of Covid-19 on Black Friday this year will be
  • How to use this unusual circumstances for your benefit
  • How to stand out amongst thousands of other offers online
  • What angle to use to maximize your conversions

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Head of Marketing at Voluum

Performance marketing is the center of my professional life for 3+ years. I lead the product marketing team and execute the creation of educational content for marketers around the globe. You can find me writing for Voluum Blog.

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