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How to leverage AI in your ad campaigns

A threat or an opportunity, AI is on everyone’s lips right now. And while most people theorize about implications AI might have, we have prepared a webinar with three experts who talk about the practical implications of AI in digital advertising.

From easy content creation to market insights, AI allows humans to make more high-level, strategic decisions, saving them from polishing CTAs and headlines themselves.


Join our free webinar on July 25th to learn about:

  • Tips on using AI to create your campaigns easier
  • Capabilities of the AI-based optimisation at Voluum
  • AI-based targeting, buying models and other features at Outbrain
  • Opportunities & limitations of current technologies
  • Important risks which cannot be ignored
The general consensus is that you will not be replaced by AI, but you may be replaced by marketers using AI effectively.

About Our Hosts

Joe Addona

Head of Global Sales, Performance Advertisers, Outbrain

Joe is originally from Philadelphia, then he lived in NYC for nine years, and now he is based in San Diego. He is leading direct response, performance, and affiliate marketing partnerships at Outbrain. His mission is to help marketers leverage native as a lower-funnel acquisition tool. During this webinar he will be sharing his incredible insights into the affiliate marketing industry, so believe us, you do NOT want to miss this!

Kamila Łuksza-Szpyt

Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Voluum

During her last 6 years with Voluum, she has seen native ads rise to the forefront of advertising. To make use of it, you need the right tools and strategies. Kamila would like to show you during this webinar how you can utilize Voluum to understand your data, automate your campaigns and leverage optimization features based on AI to succeed.

Giulia Bernasconi

Account Manager, Performance Advertisers, Outbrain

Giulia is a young and dynamic account manager with a passion for data and creative problem-solving. Giulia thrives in finding innovative solutions and constantly pushes the boundaries. Her dedication to delivering exceptional results and her ability to think outside the box make her a true professional in her field and a great speaker in this webinar.

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