45 min

Avoid Cookie Block: Set Your Campaign Up for First Party Cookies

Rising privacy concerns cause some web browsers to block 3rd party cookies by default. This may pose a problem for advertisers, as in some scenarios such a block may disrupt tracking.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution that, when implemented, can force web browsers to treat Voluum cookies as 1st party ones. This webinar explains in detail how to use this solution with real-life examples and immunize your campaigns to almost all current or future cases of cookie block.

You will learn:

  • How problems with cookies can affect your campaigns;
  • What you need to combat those problems;
  • How to set up this solution in minutes;
  • How this method works.

About Your Host

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Radosław Sznajder

Technical Support Account Manager at Voluum

For more than 6 years now, I have helped customers solve their technical issues and find solutions to various problems connected to native campaign configuration. I thrive on unusual cases, always aiming to unlock the full potential of any campaign I work with.

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