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Work From Home: 44 Profitable Jobs for No More 9-to-5

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Do you ever wake up and feel like Phil Conners in Groundhog day? You get up, head to work from home, do five jobs, make small talk about the weather and sports until you can finally return home for whatever the Netflix algorithm throws up at you today? 

Just like Phil, perhaps you are desperate for something different, maybe not even better, but just god damn different. But it will never happen at your 9-to-5. And while switching to another company or role might make things better for a little while, it will soon go downhill just as the current job did. 

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At least in groundhog day, Phil had no repercussions. He had the freedom to break his work routine, spend time with interesting people, and learn new skills. Your Groundhog job isn’t something where you can stop working with no consequences. There are bills to be paid.    

Imagine if you could though. 

A job where you could have the freedom and flexibility to set where and when you work. Where you are able to do something different every day and pursue your passions. 

A job where there are no office politics to deal with, because there is no office (at least, if you don’t count your study as an office). And instead, you can see real progress as you advance in skills, status, and sterling.  

Well, luckily there are work from home jobs that not only give you freedom but also give a deep sense of purpose and can be highly profitable too. So have a look and pick one to pursue. 

Top 3 Work From Home Jobs for Instant Freedom and Profits

a work from home affiliate marketer sat on his deck

1. Affiliate Marketer

How can you sell and make money when you have nothing to sell? Well, you become a salesperson for someone else. And that’s what affiliate marketing is. 

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other companies products and get paid a commission for each sale. Unlike a door-to-door salesperson, you aren’t limited to selling to one person at one time. Instead, you can sell multiple products to millions of people at once and all while you work from home. 

There are many ways you can go about this including setting up a review site where you publish articles reviewing and comparing products or buying advertising space and creating ad campaigns for affiliate offers. 

The first can take some time to get going as you compete in SEO battling to climb the google page rank all the while improving your content to make more people click on your affiliate links. 

The second can bring about greater results and faster. By paying for online ads you don’t have to play the SEO game. Instead, you get instant traffic and can focus on improving how many clicks to buy. 

Whichever option you choose, this type of work is the ultimate flexibility. As it runs online, all the time, you can work when you like, where you like. Set up once, optimize later, and make money while you sleep.   

Learn more about affiliate marketing. 

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping, like affiliate marketing, is where someone sells a product without ever possessing the items they sell. BUT the difference is that you set up your own brand to sell these products.  This has become a lot easier with companies that offer white-label products and website creators which give you the tools to create your own storefront.

a chart showing how dropshipping work

When combined, you can automatically send sales data to a third party who ships from their location under your custom brand. Services like Shopify can help you rapidly set up your dropshipping service. You can focus on marketing, building your brand and generating more sales as you work from home, while the third-party handles the fulfillment of orders.   

3. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Have you seen these three letters and wondered to yourself “What is FBA?” Well, it stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and it does exactly what it sounds like. Amazon will store your products in its warehouses and then deliver them to clients who buy using Amazon. In effect, you become a supplier for Amazon and Amazon takes care of the rest. 

A chain showing how Fufillment by amazon works

You could use this to sell your own products using their infrastructure, but you can also use FBA even when you don’t make your own product. 

Whitelabel products

One option is to find a white-label product seller, via Alibaba or a similar site, and then send your now-branded products to the Amazon fulfillment center and let Amazon take care of the rest. This requires investing in some inventory upfront, unlike drop shipping services.  

Selling clearance items   

Another option is to find clearance items in local shops and then flip them on Amazon for a profit. Your items will appear in the same listing as those provided by the company and other wholesalers. So if you can sell it for more on Amazon than you pay in the store, you’ll make a profit. 

Forty-One Other Online Job Options

The following suggestions are different from the previous points as they all require some amount of skills or knowledge to do them but are still work from home jobs. You may have this knowledge or skill and so be able to start straight away, or you can learn these skills, but the previous ones don’t require you to have gone to college or take a course to be able to start.  

1. Animator

Can you turn static graphics into moving films? Then working as a freelance online animator may be for you.

Many companies need animations to show abstract idea or create a film that stands out from the rest. Or you may turn your animation skills to making entertaining films people pay to watch. Either way, if you have a computer, the software and somewhere at home to work, you’re ready to go. 

2. App developer

a work from home app developer

Apps can be big bucks. And you don’t even have to have a million-dollar idea. Instead, if you can develop an app for someone else and get paid to do it. You never know, maybe you’ll get the idea for your app while you work for someone else. 

You need to know a thing or two about programming and development but there are courses online including the official Google & Udacity android course and many free resources such as the free google android course to help you start creating basic apps and build up essential skills.  

3. Bookkeeper/Accountant

I hate sorting out my taxes, and I’m not the only one. There are two types of freelancers and business owners. Those who have an accountant who does their taxes, and those who are annoyed by taxes.

People will pay good money for you to take away that pain and in many cases, you can do this remotely: working from home for people in different countries.     

4. Book Writer

Books and ebooks can be big money if you find a topic that people are interested in and want to know more about, then writing a book on that topic can be very lucrative.

Unfortunately, the average number of books sold is around 250 in the first year for books with a publisher. And an even worse 250 in the entire lifetime of self-published books (Huffington post).

There are exceptions (maybe that’s you?) and tactics to sell more but it’s not all sitting in coffee shops and watching the bucks roll in. Unless those are Starbucks coffees.  

5. Buy an existing business

You don’t have to come up with your own ideas or even be involved in the day-to-day running of a business. If you buy an existing online business, you can get a source of regular income. This income may require constant, daily work in a location or at home, or it may be passive income. Obviously, the second will probably cost you more to purchase and further work may lead to an increase in profits.

Sites like Flippa can connect people buying and selling.

6. Consulting

If you have enough experience in a field then consulting may be perfect for you. An outsider’s perspective can be invaluable for the problem a team just can not solve. And if you can solve it, or optimize their process and boost revenue, some great rewards await. 

Consulting may allow you to travel frequently to different locations or work from your home and video chat with clients.  

7. Content marketer

Content marketing is when you create useful content to attract potential customers and educate current ones. Some companies and entrepreneurs will do it themselves while other companies may not have enough demand (or budget) for a full-time position and so instead outsource it. This means that working on a retainer is a real possibility which can provide you with more stability than some other options.

Content marketing can be limited to blog posts and articles, or it can involve multiple types of media including audio, graphics and videos. 

8. Copywriter

Copywriting is about writing for advertising and sales materials including billboards, websites, and even sales videos. Like content marketing, you can find this work for individual projects as well as a retainer and remote work. In some cases, the term “copywriter” may get applied to other situations such as content marketing, documentation writing, and UX writing.  

9. Data entry

Data, as well as the insights it can bring, is valuable and so companies will pay for data entry jobs. These can take a variety of forms but all involve inputting data to be processed. Be warned, they often don’t pay well and can require a lot of time.

However, they are usually flexible and can fit your schedule. So if you want to work in the evenings at home, this could be a great choice for you.     

10. Editing Writing

If you know the difference between there, their, and they’re and how to make a story flow properly, then maybe you should work as an editor. Writing isn’t the same as editing and being good at one doesn’t always mean you are good at the other. Taking a writer’s good text and turning it great—or simply removing the spelling and grammar errors—is a valuable skill that people will pay for. You can provide this service online for people around the world providing great flexibility.    

11. Foreign language teacher

A work from home foreign language teacher

Your native language is someone else’s foreign language and some people want to learn EVERY language out there.

If you’re an English speaker, great news! People all around the world want to learn English as it is the language of business. So being an ESL teacher is an easy path. But if your native language isn’t English, it’s still okay.

My friend wanted to learn Burmese, spoken in Myanmar, and unsurprisingly couldn’t find a teacher in his city. He went online and paid good money for a teacher because he couldn’t find someone nearby. So even if your language is popular, that means there’s less competition. 

Online language teaching is growing in popularity because it saves people vital time but provides them with the same benefits of face-to-face instruction. The immediate feedback and conversation is something you can’t get from books or audio tracks but both the teacher and student can have lessons in their homes.     

You can set up your own service or sign up to a service like iTalki to connect you with students. 

12. Freelance Graphic designer

Images and graphics are everywhere, and someone’s got to make them. Not everyone can afford to hire a full-time employee and so a freelancer, especially with a specialist in a certain field, is a great option. You can start by advertising your services on a platform like Fiverr, Upwork or 99designs and once you have established your name and portfolio, set up your own independent system.   

13. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is where you write for someone else and their name is attached to the final writing, not yours. It can be tricky to get work as a ghostwriter as it’s difficult to show your reputation (after all, the point of ghostwriting is you get no credit for the writing). However, If you can prove your writing quality, via other writing you have completed, then ghostwriting can be a lucrative option. 

15. House Sitting

This might seem like an unbelievable job but people will pay you to stay in their house. Why? Well, if you have an expensive house, filled with valuables, leaving it empty for a long time could be asking to be robbed. Alternatively, they might have a pet(s) that they want looked after or other household items that need certain treatments to prevent them from deteriorating. 

Because the type of work involved with house sitting can be very different, many times it doesn’t pay. BUT you can still live rent-free in a different place while you do other work from someone else’s home. You can find sites—like care.com—where you get paid for house sitting. 

Unlike other items on the list, house sitting is probably not going to be your full-time job. But house-sitting can help you as you grow another business and provide cheap travel accommodation. 

16. Influencer

An “influencer” is someone who people listen to, including their opinions. In the past, this was mostly the realm of blogging but now it’s more often associated with Instagram, YouTube and, to a lesser degree, podcasts. Influencers typically make money either via affiliate marketing or getting paid by companies for featuring or advertising their products. 

This isn’t an easy path to success as you need to have a following and to be seen as having good taste. But a lot of brands are pouring money into influencer marketing at the moment. 

From 2016 to 2014 there was nearly a four-fold increase in advertiser spending on influencer marketing and 2019 is predicted to see another 50% increase up to $6.5 Billion (Influencer Marketing Hub). 

17. Music licensing

Music licensing work from home

If you love making music and know a thing or two about making a catchy tune, you might want to look into music licensing. This is where you sell the rights to music you create so it can be used for other creative projects. With the rise of YouTube and podcasts, there are more creators who need good music and some will pay for it too. 

There are two main options for licensing, either using a stock music site like audiojungle which handles selling for you and places you in competition with other creators or providing a custom service where you are commissioned to create music for a specific project. 

18. Music teacher

Another music option is to become an online music teacher. Of course, many people want face-to-face music instructions but some people want asynchronous instruction without meeting in person. In light of this, you can consider four options 

  • Advertising services online but delivering lessons in person. This has the advantage of a clear selling point, being local. 
  • Providing lessons “face-to-face” via skype or similar technology. 
  • Providing video materials and courses for students to work though.  
  • A combination of the previously mentioned options. 

19. Online course creator

Do you know a thing or two about a topic or skill? Then maybe you should create a course on it. Obviously, you need to be able to explain the topic, create a system to deliver it well and attract customers to buy. But if you do all of that, you’re set. 

Websites like Udemy can provide you with an instant customer base, or you can use a service like Teachable to create your own website to sell courses though.

20. Online juror

Do you love true crime dramas? Then maybe you’d like to be an online juror. Attorney’s preparing for a trail may want to test arguments and ideas before presenting them in court and so will pay for your opinion. By signing up for a site like ejury, you provide mock feedback. There are requirements to sign up for a service like this so not everyone is eligible.   

21. Online tutor

Some children need extra help with a certain subject (and some don’t need help but their parents want them to excel in a certain topic). Online tutoring is your way to remotely help those children. If you know a subject well then you could tutor the next generation.  

22. Peer-to-peer lender

Got some capital saved up? Then peer-to-peer lending is an option you can consider. Instead of going to a bank for a loan, people come to a peer-to-peer agency and you front the cash. The borrower may choose this option because a bank would turn them down or demand exceedingly high-interest rate for various reasons. This also means peer-to-peer lending tends to have higher interest rates than a traditional loan.  

23. Podcaster

a work from home podcaster

Podcasts aren’t new but are growing massively at the moment. There are many factors contributing to this including the ubiquity of smartphones, the growth in smart speakers, Spotify’s supply and more. But what really matters is that people are listening and sponsors are paying. With products like Anchor, you can even let them handle monetizing for you. 

24. Product reviewer

Do you like trying out the latest product and services? Some companies will pay you to test out their latest released, provide critical feedback, and spread the word. If you gain a reputation in a certain area or niche then companies will start to reach out to you. Even if you don’t have such a reputation, there are websites that will pay users for their opinions. This can be low-paying customer feedback surveys like opinion outpost and more premium options which often require experience. 

25. Programmer

Although I already mentioned app developer, a programmer doesn’t necessarily create apps. They may make a desktop computer program, develop a web service or backend database. This can be highly-lucrative and flexible in both location and time.  

26. Proofreading

Mistakes happen. Sometimes they are a simple slip of the finger, other times the writer doesn’t know they are making a mistake. Proofreading is about finding and correcting these errors. While very similar to editing, editing also includes changing the order and style of writing, proofreading is focused on mistakes. As you can imagine, editing tends to pay more.  

27. Realtor

a realtor showing a couple round a house

With more business being conducted online, you don’t need a physical location to be a realtor —but you do need your state’s real estate license. Unlike some work from home jobs on this list, you will have you get changed and leave the house to show people around. But all the other tasks you can do while in your pajamas on the couch.   

28. Remote customer service

More companies shifting to fully remote offices and even more companies moving to in-country customer service is leading to one thing. More remote customer service jobs. In some cases, this work can be very flexible when a company needs to provide 24/7 support.    

29. Rent on AirBnB

If you have a house or flat that you aren’t staying in then AirBnB can be highly profitable. With the right setup, you can even rent while you travel and don’t have to drop off keys or tidy up (but you’ll probably need to at least hire a cleaner).  

30. SEO expert

“If you ain’t first, you’re last,” said Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell’s character in the comedy Talladega Nights. Although it might have been a joke comment, it’s practically true when it comes to search engine rank. That’s why companies will pay good money to help get their websites higher on the search engine results page. 

As an SEO expert, you can offer your services to various companies to help improve their ranking position for keywords that are important for them. 

31. Selling T-shirts and apparel

A stack of t-shirts

Services like Teespring, Cotton Bureau and Zazzle provide print on demand t-shirts and apparel. If you have an idea for a design (or hire someone to make one for you) and market them well, you can make a nice sum without spending cash buying boxes of apparel which you need to warehouse as you sell it off. Plus, you can test hundreds of designs with no risk of buying a product that will never sell.   

32. Social media manager

Practically everyone is on some form of social network nowadays and an effective social media strategy can lead to more sales of products and services. If you know how to craft a tweet and create an engaging Instagram story, then social media managing may be for you. This might be possible remotely for one company or for multiple companies. 

33. Transcriber

Most of us prefer listening to audio when watching a film, and many people like listening rather than reading…but that’s not everyone. Transcriptions of films and audio can be invaluable for a couple of key reasons. 

  1. Text can enhance audio
  2. Some people prefer reading over listening or watching 
  3. There are certain situations where you can’t listen or watch but can read
  4. Text is searchable in a way that audio isn’t…yet.  

Transcribing can take a long time and in some cases may not pay that well, but it often is flexible and there is work. 

34. Translator

Not everyone knows multiple languages, but if you do then you have a superpower over those who don’t. This is a great online job as frequently smaller companies do not have an in-house translator for the few occasions they need one and it can be hard to find speakers of every foreign language. There are agencies which can help connect you with companies (and take a cut) or you can look at sites like Translators Cafe where work from home jobs are posted.  

35. Travel writer

Yes, really. You can get paid to travel and write about it. Many online publications, as well as traditional publishing (in-flight magazine are often on the hunt), will pay writers to share travel experiences. Alternatively, you can set up your own site and sell advertising space on your own. This can be more profitable, and flexible, but you need extra skills to not only write but also market.   

Find hidden hotspots, write about them and enjoy the experience.   

36. Virtual assistant

At some point, every entrepreneur should look to outsource the repetitive tasks that aren’t the best use of their time. This can include things like replying to basic emails, arranging meetings and travel, providing product support and more. The person to do these tasks? A virtual assistant working remotely but following set procedures.  

Hiring a virtual assistant is great for the modern digital entrepreneur working in their home office, they get a part or full-time employee without paying for office space. But It can also provide great work for you as well. You can get paid part-time as you work on building your business. 

37. Voice actor

Animations, audiobooks, and other content require individuals with pleasant voices to clearly speak and convey desired content. This requires a minimal set up: a computer, good microphone, audio recording & editing software, and perhaps some soundproofing. Best of all, it can pay well for just talking.    

38. Website flipping

This one isn’t really a job, but it’s a way to make money. Buy an existing website for cheap, brush it up and improve it, then sell it on for a profit. That’s the basics of Website flipping. To do it well, you need to have a skill in at least one area related to websites (or find someone selling one at a reduced cost). 

39. Website tester

Designers don’t always know best. And users don’t always behave in ways we expect or invent in our user experience planning sessions. That’s why website testers are valuable to companies. As a tester, you get paid to use a website and describe what you are doing and why. It provides priceless feedback to the company which can help reveal issues they haven’t seen. 

Although it tends to not pay amazingly well, it’s easy to do work and a way to supplement your income. 

40. Youtuber

A youtuber recording a video

Over 1.9 billion users log into YouTube every month and over 1 billion hours are watched every day. That means there’s a huge market with plenty of niches. If you are interested in some obscure hobby, there’s a good chance other people are too. You can make money by putting ads next to your videos or selling advertising space within videos 

41. Online Writer

There are many forms that writing online can take. You can run your own website or blog and find ways to monetize it—including creating ebooks or via the previously mentioned affiliate marketing—Or you can go freelance and work for whoever hires you. Different types of online writing have their own risks and rewards. Some pay far better than others but some are more difficult to get paid for.

Which Work From Home Job Will You Choose?

If you have developed a very particular set of skills. Skills which you have acquired over a very long career, then you have certain options that aren’t available if you don’t have those skills. The first three options, however, are open to anyone. 

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