Welcome to Voluum Blog!

Welcome to Voluum Blog!

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We are excited to launch a new platform where you’ll get all the knowledge to help you grow as a performance marketer.

Performance marketing has changed

It’s not 2010 anymore and performance marketing has changed a lot since then. Voluum was the tool that pushed these changes, as many of our users say. The role of accurate and detailed data which can be accessed in real time has grown to become the most important part of digital marketing. Anyone who underestimates data is… quite wrong.

We love data-driven decisions. We believe in knowledge, not assumptions. We enable the curiosity to experiment and keep moving forward.

If it’s not your thing yet, you’ll get there.

Understand, decide, execute

Performance comes down to these three words. You need to understand what’s happening first to decide how to improve. Once you’re there, execute. Then repeat.

Simple? Not really.

Many digital marketers struggle to understand what’s really going on in their campaigns. Many struggle to extract actionable insights from their data. It’s a big problem for beginners and not 100% obvious for more experienced performance marketers.

We’re here to help!

And here we are.  A team of our writers ready to help you in every case that bothers you. We want to share our expertise with you. Guide you through the data and show you what’s worth a closer look. At the end of the day, performance marketing is all about increasing your ROI, right?

We don’t want to have only our own voice here, however. Voluum blog is a place for you to share your own thoughts and knowledge. That’s why – from the very beginning – we invite you to leave your suggestions in the comments section.

What will be helpful for you?