Warning! Avoid phishing attempts disguised as Voluum trainings

Recently we have been warned that someone is offering fake Voluum training. The web page, advertised on a few Chinese forums, uses our branding to get money out of users. For now, we have confirmed one address of the scam:

https://voluum.info (don’t visit this address)

Although it has ‘Voluum’ in the domain name, this page is not affiliated with Voluum nor CentralNic (our mother company) in any way. Its sole purpose is to extort money out of oblivious users.

We’ve taken steps to take down this site and stop the scammer from creating similar pages in the future. However, the most important thing we can do is to educate you, our dear customers, on how to avoid such scams.

Best safety practices

Here are some safety tips that will help you avoid such scams in the future:

  1. Check the domain name. Our domain is ‘voluum.com’ and you can find all our resources and the platform itself under it. Any variations, such as ‘voluum-training’, ‘voluum-courses’ and so on, are fake. 
  2. Beware of people claiming to be working for our foreign offices. We don’t have branches or offices in other countries – we are headquartered in Kraków, Poland only. We are a part of the CentralNic group, which is a global entity but the people behind Voluum work from one location only.
  3. Be watchful of other parties selling Voluum or offering Voluum training. Though our software does have a referral program and partners that sell Voluum, all of them are verified and reputable parties. Links they share still point to the ‘voluum.com’ domain. Anonymous users selling Voluum materials for cheap are to be avoided.
  4. All payments for Voluum are done via the Voluum panel. If you have used Voluum at least once, you know the payment flow already. We do use third-party payment providers, the payment always starts within Voluum.
  5. Never share your Voluum access credentials with outside parties. Our support team won’t ask for them at any stage. On your request, they may access your Voluum account to assist you with a problem but even then they will not ask you for your login or password.
  6. As an additional safety tip, turn on Two-Factor authentication in Voluum and use a strong and unique password.

Report suspicious links to Voluum support

If you are not sure if a link that you got from someone claiming to be our partner is legitimate, contact us. Let us know about any suspicious use of Voluum branding, so we can send a ‘cease and desist’ notice to the domain registrar and save other people from getting scammed.

Voluum disclaimer

We are dedicated to providing the best and safest tracking service to our customers and we are trying to pursue all methods that may help us protect our current or prospective customers from fraud committed using our branding.

However, if you fall victim to this kind of fraud, you should contact authorities in your country. Voluum is not responsible for any losses that you may have suffered, nor will it accept any claims made by affected users. 

Voluum tracking software uses the ‘voluum.com’ domain to advertise and sell access to the platform. Our partners use referral links that point to the ‘voluum.com’ domain. Links without our domain that point to pages which use our brand name, images and colors are outside our control and we can only warn users against visiting them and send takedown notices to domain registrars hosting fraudulent sites.

Together we can ensure a safer experience

Only together we, the people behind Voluum, and you, our beloved current or prospective customers, can limit the risk of anyone being a victim of an abuse.

There is no global Internet police, we only have each other. You don’t want to be scammed and we don’t want our brand to be used for criminal purposes. Report any suspicious links that you may find, write to us in case of any doubts and trust only the ‘voluum.com’ domain.

Stay safe!

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