Outbrain Ad Specs and Ad Recommendations Cheat Sheet

To effectively advertise using Outbrain’s traffic, follow Outbrain ad specs. You can find the detailed cheat sheet.

What is Outbrain?

Outbrain is one of the biggest native ad networks in the industry. It provides web visitors an easy way to discover new content in a consistent manner. 

Outbrain ad specs:

  • Ad types: Single, App Install, Carousel
  • Recommended image size: 1200×800 pixels (minimum 400×260 pixels), but Outbrain can resize your creative to fit the ad size. Note that the size of a creative will differ depending on which publisher’s website it is displayed on. The maximum file size is 2.5 MB.
  • Title Length: 60-80 characters but use 3 – 5 variations per each URL you provide.

Outbrain ad recommendations:

  • Recommendations for creatives:
    • Real-life photographs work better than drawn images
    • Logos and images with text usually deter people
    • People like faces – close-ups of faces are more eye-catchy than panorama shots
    • Test up to three images
  • Recommendations for headlines:
    • Questions perform better than affirmative sentences
    • Lists with odd numbers are more attractive than with even numbers
    • Negative keywords gain more attention
    • Including your target audience in a headline is a good practice

Outbrain and Voluum

Outbrain is also fully integrated with Voluum via the Automizer feature. This gives you an access to the following features:

  • Controlling your Outbrain campaigns from within Voluum
  • Creating automatic rules that launch set actions, such as pause, bid on a campaign, send alerts when specific conditions are met.
  • Pause traffic or send a notification when bots are detected
  • Synchronizing cost information
  • Creating and applying whitelists and blacklists
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