Affiliate Campaign Optimization with A/B Testing: Increase ROI by at Least 30%

How to Increase Your ROI by at Least 30% with A/B Testing?

No amount of intuition will ever replace serious analysis for affiliate campaign optimization. And the only way to get data is by performing tests.

Testing is a big problem for every marketer and an important part of their work. For the most part, the various offers and landing pages you promote mostly don’t achieve the same performance levels. This can lead to anxiety about their performance while you’re away from the computer. It doesn’t have to be like that.

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing describes the situation where you have two subjects for testing, A and B, and you want to test them against each other. In the affiliate marketing world, these subjects are:

  • Landing pages
  • Offers
  • Creatives and headlines

A/B testing allows you to determine, which version of a landing page is better for a certain audience, which offer converts better, which ad attracts more clicks.

This type of testing involves only two of the same things at a time (you can also compare an element vs not having this element, for example: a funnel with a landing page vs direct linking). There’s another technique of comparing more than two elements – it is called multivariant testing. However, the former method brings results faster.

A/B Testing Is Harder Than It Seems

A/B Testing results

Without enough experience, you’re learning from your own mistakes – and that can be costly. There’s a lot that can go wrong with A/B testing. For starters, you might be basing your decisions on a too-small sample of data. For example, you might initially aim for three conversions out of 10,000 visits, but it might turn out that this conversion rate is nowhere near profitable for you.

Of course, if you’re testing two or three offers or landing pages, it’s not that hard to have control over them and carry out A/B tests with satisfying results. But if you have four, five or 20 offers along with many landing pages and when they intersect on different levels, it gets difficult. A human being simply can’t manage this much data and still come up with accurate results.

A recent report from UserTesting emphasizes this problem. Only two out of ten marketers believe that their A/B tests result in useful results. Marketers know that A/B testing is crucial to the performance of their offers and landing pages, yet most of them have difficulties with carrying out the testing in the right way.

That’s why we decided to create a solution that supports this process – the AI-powered Traffic Optimization.

AI is the Solution

Bayesian statistics are widely used in medical research, meaning that in some way our lives are dependent on these statistics. Testing new drugs is really expensive, and by using Bayesian statistics, pharmacologists can get significant results from a minimum data sample.

Testing offers, landing pages, and paths for affiliate marketing is a much simpler problem, but Bayesian statistics are still extremely useful here. The Bayesian methodology is a proven tool in marketing – many marketers have built solutions on it –  but it consumes a lot of time and resources.

Plus, if you are required to pay close attention to your solution, it could be better. We took the long road and designed an AI companion that optimizes A/B testing for you.

Do More by Automating

Traffic Distribution AI makes sure you don’t waste money in your budget worrying about the traffic being sent to offers or landing pages that don’t convert. It automatically redirects this traffic where it will result in profits.

The algorithm is designed to assess data from multiple offers, landers, and paths and redistribute traffic according to the “scores,” which in this case are the weights.

However, it doesn’t completely cut down the offers that are initially less profitable – the trend can always change, and an underdog might turn into your most profitable asset. Traffic Distribution will recognize this and re-route traffic if necessary. Voluum AI handles all affiliate campaign optimization in real time.

With automated traffic distribution, you’ll be able to work on a completely new scale without being overwhelmed by data and actions that you’ll have to take day by day. This can lead to a massive improvement in results.

One of the goals was to make it easy to use. Once you are in the platform, all you have to do is choose a set of offers, landing pages, or paths, pick the calculation model and click one button to let the AI do your optimization work.

Check Out Traffic Distribution AI for Affiliate Campaign Optimization

Voluum Offer Automation

One client, Mobility Performance Network, has told us that Traffic Optimization AI increased their conversion rates by at least 20-30%. Another, ClickByteMedia, told us that the tool is a game changer because of its time- and money-saving features. These are the kind of words you want to hear from your clients as a Product Manager.

 I encourage you to check out Traffic Optimization AI and see for yourself how you can benefit from using it.

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