Native advertising & branding – now or never

It took time for agencies and brands to become convinced that native advertising is the right way to go. Today, no one doubts that native advertisements offer different approaches, more sophisticated and advanced because it allows marketers to take root in the consciousness of the potential clients. 

Native advertising is treated as a kind of out-of-the-box solution because it places a product in a client’s mind in the long-term perspective. It helps to avoid a severe digital “epidemic” – content/ad blindness. Digital users normally are averse to explicit promotion. And that’s where native advertising comes to the rescue. 

Hard to miss advantages of native 

The most obvious one is of course that it seamlessly combines with the fabric of the website. It simply looks like another part of its content which makes native more user-friendly than banner or display ads. This opens the door to passing value and quality and by choosing native you’ll be able to fit the mindset of your audience more precisely. And, what’s more, it brings the biggest merit from the perspective of profitability – effectiveness, and performance! 

If you still haven’t started working with the native advertising platforms there is no more time to waste – the competition doesn’t rest! Have a look at some insights below and inspire yourself to create an effective advanced native ads strategy for your brand!

Combine your goals

With native advertising, defining the objectives of a branding campaign does not mean you have to choose between increasing brand awareness and getting a satisfying performance. You can merge these ambitions into one big strategy. Just determine your short-term and long-term goals concerning measurable metrics and desired brand reputation in customer awareness.

Define your reach

As a brand marketer, think not only about the target audience you want to reach but also about the content of the websites where your ads should be promoted. Wondering why? Native advertisements will be successful if they have the same flow and concept as the website they appear on. 

Your ad and the website’s content should have the same voice. The user enters this website, which means they are interested in this topic, and potentially might be attracted to your product. Take your time to find the right publishing partner that will help you adjust your brand message to a well-targeted audience. 

Concentrate more on brand-oriented business partners that may provide you with some useful tricks, advanced targeting, and optimization features. Well-chosen partnerships may bring win-win relationships and help you find your niche among available native traffic. These partnerships can include other companies with a similar niche but serving a different need of your target audience, or influencer / online personalities within your vertical, educational platforms, or other closely-aligned brands with strong social media presences. The key is tracking which ones are performing best and luckily Voluum allows to track activities across various channels. You can track all kinds of user interactions with your product like social media, various devise types, and other online activities to see which ones bring you the most conversions. 

Be creative… or find something else that will

While creating your native content, think about the tricky thing: your headlines and creatives should be catchier than other posts/ads promoted on the same website. How do you grab users’ attention? 

Remember, do not try to sell your product or service directly – there are plenty of marketing solutions offering hard selling and it’s what we want to avoid. Try to wake up the client’s emotional side, boost their curiosity and encourage them to discover your brand through the text you prepared. Invest time in preparing something helpful, the content that might meet the customers’ needs and leave them inspired or entertained.

And from that, it’s just one small step away from persuading them to engage – directly after reviewing your offer or in the nearest feature. Brand storytelling leaves a lot of space for you to play around – just use it cleverly. That could mean playing around with different versions of creatives and content, then by testing them you’ll come across the best combination that resonates with your audience in a way you could’ve never imagined.

Creating multiple variants of landing pages can be overwhelming – truthfully, creating even one good landing page is a challenge! But you don’t have to be or hire professional writers – you can use software for that.

AI content writing to the rescue!

We live in a time when creativity can be reproduced by machines. Do they do a good job? They may not be able to produce ‘the next great American novel’ but they are good enough to write a copy for an advertorial page. And they can do it quickly and repeatably.

AI content writing is the newest invention available to marketers that want to quickly create multiple variants of pages and test them quickly with Voluum. Large language models such as ChatGPT can write advertorial texts witin provided parameters and then rewrite it for various angles.

AI content writing assistants can help gather information, structure content and them proofreadit or translate it to another language. Don’t make a mistake: these tools are game changers. They won’t relpace novel writers but they will defiinately streamline the process of preparing several variants of a landing page.

AI content writing tools are now seemingly everywhere. They exist not only as standalone platforms but as a web browser extensions or features of well-known content-management platforms or landing page builders. Together, they change how marketers used to operate. No more hiring freelancers on the Internet or paying loads of money for translation services. AI-assisted content writing freesup a marketers time and money, allowing them to focus on strategy and analytics.

The market says … MOBILE!

Mobile has been recently highlighted as the most effective and fastest-growing native advertising channel. Native advertising spend is on the rise and is predicted to reach $350B by the end of 2022. And, more importantly, native opportunities are still untapped and the mobile potential is not fully covered. That’s a golden opportunity for brands. While running your native advertisements do not forget about adjusting your offer to a responsive format and targeting mobile device types.

Test, track, and analyze

Testing and constantly rethinking what works with your ads is a natural part of a marketer’s life. But the only way to do this is with concrete data on your performance, and gathering it requires proper tools. What tools? A great tracker naturally. Voluum is here to deliver you the best technical support in the form of a tracker that will take the load off your shoulders. With our advanced tracking features like:

  • Cookieless tracking options
  • Traffic Distribution AI 
  • Custom conversion tracking 
  • And more! 

 you’ll be able to gather info on pretty much any detail you’d like

Did I already mention that A/B testing is one of Voluum’s best features? It is designed to support advertisers in coming up with the best possible results and to be honest flexing your creativity to see what makes the most sense sounds more like fun than work. 

Do not worry if you have to repeat the activities listed in the subtitle many times. 😉 Test your creatives, headlines, and landing pages until they start giving profitable results. Keep changing combinations if needed. Use different testing approaches, like A/B testing, and compare generated KPI ́s within different time ranges. Analyze the results based on multiple dimensions. And based on all mentioned actions keep clarifying your strategy and adjusting to market fluctuation.

It’ll take time and patience but once you start seeing results, you’re gonna wonder why you haven’t started using Voluum earlier. So, get to testing and enhancing your performance with Voluum!

Keep an eye on brand safety

Programmatic native ads have another crucial advantage from the brand perspective: a high level of digital brand protection. This type of advertising helps to go around ad-blockers so it increases the chance of ad visibility. Also, it helps to avoid damaging the brand’s reputation. 

Do not doubt whether native advertising is the right tool for branding or not. The forecasts for the next few years are very promising. However, like with all kinds of campaigns, your efforts could go to waste without proper strategies. Native ads are a powerful tool in online advertising but don’t let them chip away at your budget by skipping on tracking. There’s too much at stake to let yourself waste resources on poorly performing ads. 

So, track them. By doing so you’ll be able to keep track of profits, clicks, and conversions to make sure your ads are coming out on top. Still, wondering which tracker to choose?

Voluum is the way to go. 

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