4 Reasons Why MaxBounty is a Great Affiliate Network for Voluum Users

If you are a Voluum user, then you are accustomed to a feature-rich platform that offers advanced performance marketing technology and unparalleled support. Therefore, you should expect the same out of your affiliate network. 

MaxBounty affiliates experience a similar high-level of service. 

This is just one of the reasons why the #1 voted CPA network for two years running is a philosophical and technological match with the top-rated ad tracker. 

Affiliate marketers of any experience level benefit from this pairing. 

Becoming successful at affiliate marketing is already difficult enough. Anytime you can simplify something while improving your chances of success you should take advantage of the opportunity. 

Let’s look deeper at some other benefits of using Voluum and MaxBounty together, and why you should be doing just that. 

1. Easy Platform and Network Integration 

Voluum already makes the process of integration with affiliate networks quick and easy. If MaxBounty is your network of choice, integration becomes even simpler. 

As you may already know, adding an affiliate network to your Voluum account to trigger all tracking tokens requires nothing more than a few clicks. 

Once you have copied the postback URL in Voluum, you simply have to:

  1. Click the Global postback button in the profile section of the MaxBounty Affiliate Dashboard 
  1. Select the URL option and paste the postback URL in the text field. 

That is literally it. 

Once you have applied and been approved to MaxBounty, you can then find a campaign and begin the straightforward, streamlined process of adding it to Voluum. 

Both platforms have a similar easy-to-use feel to them despite being separate entities. This has created a harmony between the two that allows for seamless integration. They’re truly a ‘just feels right’ combination. 

Check out this MaxBounty & Voluum guide if you want step-by-step integration instructions. 

2. MaxBounty’s campaign base is larger and more diverse than ever

MaxBounty’s current collection of campaigns is the most robust and diverse as it has ever been.

This means finding a profitable campaign that best suits your specific niche and affiliate traffic source has never been easier. It also means you will get to fully utilize Voluum’s comprehensive features. 

From high-converting market research (survey) campaigns to numerous financial offers including auto loan and insurance, you are sure to find something that meets your needs. 

You can even promote MaxBounty’s new owned and operated campaigns which offer you greater control and rate flexibility. These will allow you to fully maximize Voluum’s in-depth tracking and optimization capabilities. 

With over 3,000 active campaigns to choose from, your next (or first) profitable campaign is live in the MaxBounty Affiliate Dashboard right now. 

3. Dual Reputations Built on Trust

Since its inception, Voluum has quickly built a reputation as one of the most trusted ad campaign trackers. 

That does not happen overnight. 

It takes years to gain the trust of affiliate marketers who are seeking transparency and effective communication. Both contribute to helping them understand and optimize their campaigns which is the backbone for success.

MaxBounty shares Voluum’s philosophy of building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its users. 

A network in this industry does not reach two decades in operation without earning the trust of its affiliates. This reliability is part of the reason MaxBounty will soon be celebrating 20 years as a network. 

4. Voluum Users Receive a Special MaxBounty Bonus 

The final reason to use Voluum and MaxBounty together is because Voluum users can automatically maximize their affiliate earnings at MaxBounty. 

By signing up to become an MB affiliate through this post, you will receive a +20% bonus on your first payment once you’re approved to MaxBounty. 

Harness the power of Voluum and MaxBounty together and find out why both platforms continue to rank the best in their class. 

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