How to Quickly Move to Voluum?

How to Quickly Move to Voluum?

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There are many different reasons why you would switch to Voluum from another tool. Are you afraid of losing tons of time on the data migration and that is what is holding you back? Fear no more. It’s quick and simple.

Some of our clients come to Voluum after some time spent in other tools. However, the longer they used the previous one, the harder it is for them to make the last step – moving the data.

Having hundreds or even thousands of offers, landers, and campaigns in one tracker is a solid commitment. It’s a chunk of data that cannot be moved one by one – you will always choose to focus on conducting campaigns instead of organizing them for hours.

But if you’re not satisfied with your current solution, there’s no need to stay there just because you’ve spent there so much time already. Moving to Voluum is easy!

Here are the two methods to move easily.

Use the API

For those more advanced users, using the API might be the most convenient solution but developing your own scripts is quite resource consuming. If you’re a developer, you’ll need to invest some of your time to automate the migration. But if you aren’t one, you’ll need to hire some developers which will cost you money.

All in all, if you are familiar with our API and you already know how to use it, then it would be the best tool to use, as long as the tool you are leaving supports it as well or at least lets you export all your data to .csv files.

Then, it’s only a matter of some API requests that will move the data from the old tool to Voluum.

You should remember, however, that not all trackers work in a similar way, and there might be some discrepancies. You’ll need to find them out and adjust the files.

To know more about our API, head over to

In Panel – Bulk Actions

For those marketers without a handful of developers, there’s a built-in functionality in Voluum that will help you migrate quickly. It’s the Bulk Import.

You can simply upload a CSV file with up to 250 entities at once to import all the data from the other tracker. Again, you should change the CSV exported from your previous tool to match it with our CSV template, so it will upload properly.

It’s a really fast and simple tool to move your data and it’s still useful after you become an active Voluum user. It allows you to manage multiple campaigns, offers, and landers in bulk.

If you want to know more about this feature, make sure you visit a Voluum Documentation about bulk actions.

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