Affiliate Marketing Conferences 2022

After everything that happened, it’s hard to imagine that we will all just be able to meet each other in person again.

With 2022 looming, it’s good to look over the affiliate marketing conferences schedule to check which one sounds exciting enough to justify suffering through all the hoops that airports make us jump through.

Conference name: Affiliate World Global – Dubai

Date: February 28 – March 1, 2022

Location: Dubai, UAE

Affiliate World Global boasts being the biggest affiliate marketing conference out there, and with over 6,000 attendees it is easy to believe this claim. Combining the Affiliate World Europe 2021 and Affiliate World Asia 2021 conferences that were cancelled due to the pandemic restrictions, this is a place that affiliates can’t afford to miss.

This conference is designed to show what’s the best in both worlds: affiliate marketing and ecommerce. So, if you work in one of those fields, be sure to check out this conference!

Conference name: Mobile World Congress

Date: February 28 – March 3, 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain

As the name suggests, it’s a conference concentrated on mobile technologies. Although digital marketing is not its main focus point, there are still many things that affiliate marketers can get from this conference. 

It’s always good to be up-to-date with current trends in the mobile world. This allows marketers to adjust their marketing techniques and messages. You will be able to meet with designers, technology providers and industry influencers. 

Conference name: iGB Affiliate London (former London Affiliate Conference)

Date: April 13-14, 2022 (postponed from February)

Location: London, UK

This iGaming-focused conference is the go-to place for marketers that want to meet prospective partners, learn the ins and outs of the industry, network and socialize. It is aimed for businesses of all sizes: from independent affiliates to agencies and affiliate networks.

Conference name: PI LIVE Advanced

Date: April 26, 2022

Location: New York, USA

This conference encompasses everything an ecommerce brand may need to extend its reach. With performance in mind, this conference gives retailers and marketers a glimpse into the future, ideas, tips and test-proven methods that may bring new life to your marketing efforts.

Conference name: E-commerce Berlin Expo

Date: May 5, 2022 (postponed form February 9, 2022)

Location: Berlin, Germany

If you want to listen to the expertise from the ecommerce industry experts, meet fellow marketers that operate in ecommerce, then this 10,000 plus participant conference is for you. You can brush shoulders with corporate representatives or hear experienced marketers sharing their knowledge.

Conference name: International Conference on Affiliate Marketing and Online Advertising (ICAMOA)

Date: May 20 

Location: Vancouver, Canada

This is not a conference per se but rather a forum or a platform where researchers and scholars can make their publications on digital marketing visible. You don’t have to attend it but it’s worth checking the published papers.

Conference name: Affiliate Summit East

Date: May 24-25, 2022

Location: New York, USA

The Affiliate Summit East conference’s agenda is a direct response to the huge growth of the ecommerce industry. The decade’s worth of growth in one year is more than enough justification to make this conference all about ecommerce.

So, if you are a marketer, retailer, or a bigger player, the Affiliate Summit East is an unmissable event for you.

Conference name: Expo Afiliados Brasil

Date: May 26-28, 2022

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Expo Afiliados Brasil aims to bring together all the participants and stakeholders of the digital marketing world: bloggers, webmasters, affiliates, companies, agencies, advertisers. It’s a networking heaven. This conference will give tips, insights and sure-fire techniques that should increase your sales and get the performance of your campaigns off the ground. 

Conference name: Affiliate World Barcelona

Date: July 6-7, 2022

Location: Barcelona, Spain

A branch of the Affiliate World Global conference in Dubai, this one also allows you to meet the best and brightest in the industry. The biggest companies will be there, and I don’t mean the biggest in the industry, but in the world: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba. You should be there as well. This is the second biggest affiliate conference in the world, after the Dubai one, don’t miss out on all the good stuff this conference has to offer.

Conference name: DMEXCO

Date: September 21 & 22, 2022

Location: Cologne, Germany

DMEXCO conference puts emphasis on innovations and it does that by inviting industry leaders and tech experts from the digital marketing field. If you want to know what the future may look like, this is the conference to participate in.

Conference name: Web Summit

Date: November 1 – 4 2022

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Imagine a tech conference where you can meet a Facebook whistleblower and Facebook Manager, Congresswoman, WWW creator and countless CEO’s of various tech companies. Although not affiliate marketing focused, the Web Summit conference is the Mecca of all tech-news hungry entrepreneurs. Things discussed at this conference will become digital reality next year. Register for this conference if you want to be ahead of the curve.

Conference name: DMIEXPO

November 13-14, 2022

Tel-Aviv, Israel

The DMIEXPO conference has built its visibility thanks to its 22-year-long run. It’s a meeting place for all involved in digital marketing. You will have an opportunity not only to learn from fellow marketers but meet them in a fun and luxurious environment. 

Let’s meet together

Online or in person, the conferences give us the much needed sense of solidarity, especially after the harsh times that we’ve all had to endure. 

Our representatives plan to attend most of the events listed here, so drop by to have a chat, discuss ideas, partnerships or your views on the future – we are there for you!

We know that travelling is still a hassle, not to mention that it is also costly. If you cannot join these conferences, you can always meet everybody online, on forums and community groups. 

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