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with Yahoo API integration in Voluum

Have every piece of data registered in one platform to easily manage your campaigns and sources. Integrate your Voluum account with Yahoo, set notifications for easier optimization, and make sure that all conversions will be passed to Yahoo regardless of cookies!

What is Yahoo?

Yahoo is a brand source that provides search and native traffic within one platform, with 60+ billion monthly global impressions across the network.

In their publishers’ portfolio, you can find not only the premium websites that they own, but also traffic from their external partners such as ABC News, Apple News, MSN, and ESPN.

While advertising with Yahoo you can choose from different ad formats: image, video, app install, carousel, Yahoo Mail, Moments ads.

Because ads are displayed alongside premium content, and (based on the Yahoo data from 2014) they may reach over 430 million mobile users – allowing you to increase visitor engagement with your ad and reach a target audience. That’s why this source attracts not only affiliate marketers, but also marketing agencies and in-house media buyers.

Why track Yahoo campaigns in Voluum?

Voluum is one of the best cloud-based ad trackers and offers advanced features that make the optimization process much simpler. Thanks to the templates and integrations that are available via Automizer, it allows you to control not only Yahoo campaigns, but also those from different sources such as: Google Ads, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola, Bing, and more. With Voluum you can:
  • Gather data for all your sources’ campaigns and conversion types within one platform
  • Monitor your campaigns to maximize profits
  • Simplify optimization process thanks to alerts and markers
Use our solution for tracking and managing Yahoo campaigns to make them organized and successful. Make sure all your conversions will show up on Yahoo thanks to Yahoo S2S postback API integration in Voluum’s Automizer!

Smaller effort, bigger results.

Simplify optimization process with AUTOMIZER

Automizer is an extraordinary solution created to integrate different traffic sources within one platform, transfer cost on different levels for some of those, and use cookieless conversion tracking solutions, even for the sources that do not offer it publicly. With Automizer you can:
  • Get notifications when ad groups or ads do not perform well
  • Use auto-rules that will mark best performing creatives in the report
  • Set Yahoo S2S postback through custom integration
Read more about the Automizer feature in one of Voluum’s blog posts.

Get notified about performance changes with Auto-rules

Add Auto-Rules in Automizer to be up-to-date with Yahoo campaigns’ performance and to speed up your optimization process.


Cost higher than $30 and no conversions for the ad group id in the last 24 hours time range

GET NOTIFIED and MARK ad group in the report


No conversions within last 12 hours

Send an ALERT


Some ad ids have more than 10000 visits within the last 48 hours but their ROI is < 5%

ADD TO LIST to easily copy all of them and pause in Yahoo later on manually

Start benefiting from the integration today!

Get access to Yahoo S2S postback tracking, Auto-Rules with Automizer, and notifications!