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AdOperator & Voluum Integration

Connect your data points inside one smart UI and automate mundane tasks to outwork your competition without breaking a sweat.

What makes AdOperator great?

AdOperator is an ad network focused on intelligent advertising and a human approach. These two qualities have ensured its partnerships with many widely recognizable brands, such as AliExpress and Gameloft.

Main advertising formats are push, in-page push and pop-under. These ad formats ensure 3 billion impressions each day.

Why track AdOperator data with Voluum?

Voluum is the Coca Cola of the ad tracking industry, while everyone else is an off-brand knock-off. This is the only solution fit for all cases and all working styles, used by ecommerce marketers, affiliate marketers and ad agencies.

The reason behind all this is that Voluum brings real value to marketing efforts by squeezing the most profits out of the money you spend on traffic.

Voluum does this by carefully tracking user-generated events across sites and passing conversion data from marketer’s offers or third-party offers. Then it presents the recorded data in the form of detailed reports, enriched with over 30 data points. The best part: it allows you to create automation rules, redirect traffic based on those data points, perform automatic A/B testing and more.

Succeed now with Voluum Automizer + AdOperator

With Voluum features and an integration with AdOperator, there’s nothing to stop you from getting the best results possible.

Why connect Voluum and AdOperator?

Working without the integration is like running with tied shoelaces. You will never reach the full potential of either platform and yourself as a marketer.

With Voluum Automizer, nlocks the full ad potential by:

  • Synchronizing data across platforms
  • Controlling campaigns in one dashboard
  • Automating your work with ‘if / then’ rules
  • Being informed the minute something bad happens

Start benefiting from the integration today!