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Traffic Nomads

Enhance your Traffic Nomads ads

with full Voluum integration

What is Traffic Nomads?

Traffic Nomads is a premium self-service ad network created by experienced media buyers, for media buyers and companies around the world. The platform offers six different ad formats – native, banners, push, pop, calendar, and in-page – with advanced targeting algorithms and fraud-prevention technology.

Traffic Nomads also offers a wide range of geos for verticals like e-commerce, sweepstakes, crypto, and MVAs. The platform has push traffic of over 50M for you to reach an even wider audience via their advanced targeting algorithms and competitive RTB pricing models.

As a customer, you get an account manager permanently assigned to you. They will provide you with support every step of the way and personalized tips for optimization.

Why track Traffic Nomads campaigns with Voluum?

Voluum leads the way in ad tracking. Its advanced features are there to collect detailed data about your campaign so you can control & optimize all your advertising from a single panel! With Voluum you can:
  • Keep track of your campaigns regardless of the source
  • Optimize your performance for higher ROI
  • Automate your process with rules and alerts

Better performance, less work.

Optimizing your campaigns will help you reach higher ROI. Here are Voluum’s key features that will help you achieve your goals:

More profit, less effort with Voluum Automizer

Automizer is our state-of-the-art automation tool that lets you integrate Traffic Nomads and other quality traffic sources with Voluum. With Automizer you have full control over all your campaigns and optimize them from one, single platform. With Automizer you’ll be able to:
  • Pause/Activate any of your campaigns from Voluum
  • Automatically update your costs
  • Receive push notifications on desktop & mobile devices
  • Create whitelists and blacklists for maximum effectiveness
  • Set rules & alerts to automate your work even further

Let Voluum take care of your campaigns while you’re away

By using Voluum Automizer to set your own automation rules, you can be sure your campaign will always thrive. Let Voluum take action whenever your performance changes suddenly. Here’s how it works:


No conversions within the last 3 hours

Send an ALERT


Cost higher than $10 and 0 conversions for the keyword within the last 12 hours

GET NOTIFIED and MARK ad group in the report


Campaign has more than 5000 visits within the last 24 hours but the ROI is lower than 25%

PAUSE the whole campaign

Let Voluum Automizer revolutionize the way you work

The Traffic Nomads integration is free for all Voluum pricing plans! Regardless of the subscription plan, Automizer will remain free for up to $1,000 in ad spend. If you exceed the limit, you can always upgrade your Automizer subscription plan later.

Start benefiting from the integration today!