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Grow your Adcash revenue

with Voluum integration

Manage, track, and optimize your data in one place to transform your global campaigns. Make the best of Adcash’s top ad formats with the Voluum integration.

What is Adcash?

Adcash is an award-winning global self-serve online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, and ad networks. Their cutting-edge technology enables advertisers to use various ad formats on the most profitable placements coming from thoroughly vetted publishers.

Adcash’s exclusive publisher network and over 200 supply partners will put your ads in front of a global audience. Setting up campaigns requires minimal effort even for highly-targeted campaigns across multiple ad formats and devices. (You can start from as little as $100)

The platform offers a variety of ad formats proven to bring high engagement and ROI such as interstitials, banner ads, native, and pop-unders. Or go for Autotag, a 3-in-1 advertising solution that allows adjusting the frequency of ads displayed on site, which in the end helps website owners find the perfect balance between increased earnings and quality user experience.

Their smart advertising technologies, long list of features, and efficient support team make the platform easy-to-use while, most importantly, profitable!

Why track Adcash campaigns with Voluum?

Voluum is the leading cloud-based ad tracker on the market. Collecting all of your campaign data has never been smoother and with plenty of solutions for optimizing, your advertising will improve in no time.
  • Track all your campaigns regardless of the source
  • Optimize your performance and maximize your ROI
  • Automate your process with rules and alerts

Better performing campaigns but with less legwork

Voluum’s large toolbox of features serves to optimize campaigns and boost conversion rates:

Effortlessly manage campaigns with Voluum AUTOMIZER

Automizer is our advanced optimization solution that integrates Voluum with all major traffic sources via API technology. Stay on top of your campaigns from one panel as Automizer allows you to:
  • Pause/Resume for campaigns and zones from within Voluum
  • Receive alerts for underperforming campaigns and zones
  • Mark placements tthat perform best in your reports with meaningful icons
  • Automatically create lists with good or bad placements

Let auto-rules take care of your campaigns

Create your own automatic rules to allow Voluum to take certain actions depending on how you campaign performance changes:


No conversions for a campaign within the last 3 hours

Send an ALERT


Cost higher than $50 and 0 conversions for the zone within the last 48 hours

GET ALERT and MARK zone with ‘down arrow’ icon in the report


Zones that have more than 5000 visits within the last 3 days but their ROI is negative

ADD TO LIST to create a blacklist and pause these zones in Adcash later on

Voluum Automizer can completely change the way you work

Get ready for a whole new way of advertising!

Without Automizer

With Automizer

Without Automizer

Jumping around several platforms to monitor data

With Automizer

Every piece of data needed for optimization gathered in one place

Without Automizer

Spend hours manually adjusting campaigns

With Automizer

Notifications sent on campaigns or zones performance with auto-rules

Without Automizer

Stay glued to your monitor day and night keeping track of your campaigns

With Automizer

Set up alerts to be sure that your campaigns are running smoothly

Voluum and Adcash integration is free of charge!

Adcash integration is available on any Voluum plan! Regardless of your subscription, Automizer is free to use up to $1,000 of ad spend. If you need more, you can always upgrade your Automizer plan.

Cash in on the integration today!