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It’s time for your Mondiad campaigns to fly with Voluum

Increase your advertising gains with the Mondiad & Voluum integration

Merging Voluum’s tracking, optimizing & automating powers and Mondiad’s quality traffic is now possible. Treat your campaigns to the best tracking software recommended by top experts in digital marketing. Integrate your Mondiad advertising with Voluum.

What is Mondiad?

Mondiad is a global advertising network specializing in push, and native ads. The creators of the platform are backed by 10+ years of experience in advertising and knowledge gained in developing PopCash, a successful popunder ad network.

The team behind Mondiad has always been about connecting the right people with the right offers and delivering the best-suited features for push and native traffic With the ability to target more granularly than before, Mondiad makes it easier to get your offers out in front of the right people.

The platform operates on a custom-built ad server, ensuring high-quality features. Mondiad’s many targeting options are backed by traffic fraud detection solutions based on in-house and 3rd party tools to monitor and remove any type of fraud.

Mondiad’s pride is your success – every solution they deliver is designed to skyrocket the ROI of your campaigns!

You can start your Mondiad journey with a $50 deposit and CPC as low as $0.001

Why track Mondiad campaigns with Voluum?

Voluum is a cloud-based tracking solution leading the way in digital marketing. It works perfectly for beginners and satisfies the needs of seasoned advertisers. Thanks to the full Mondiad & Voluum integration you can benefit from:
  • Real-track reporting with detailed reports on any sources of traffic
  • Adjusting your campaign bidding strategies
  • Pausing and resuming your campaigns, subIds, and zoneIds

Less work equals better results

Voluum’s unique features are designed to maximize your campaigns’ effectiveness with less effort on your side.

Earn more by doing less with Voluum AUTOMIZER

Automizer is Voluum’s latest automation tool that integrates Voluum with your traffic sources. It helps you gain full control over all your campaigns from one single platform. Thanks to it you can do all this from Voluum:
  • Pause / resume campaigns
  • Adjust bidding strategies for your campaigns
  • Pause / resume subId and zoneId
  • Change bid for subId, zoneId, country

Trust Rules to guide your campaigns

Create your own-auto rules with Automizer and watch Voluum take action whenever your performance changes.


Cost higher than $30 and no conversions for the zone id in the last 24 hours time range

PAUSE zone in Mondiad and mark it in the Voluum report


Campaign has more than 5000 visits within the last 24 hours but the ROI is lower than 25%

PAUSE the campaign in Mondiad


SubIds that have less than 100 visits within the last 3 days

ADJUST the bid for subIds

The one integration to save it all: time, money, and struggle.

Without Automizer

With Automizer

Without Automizer

Jumping around several platforms to monitor data

With Automizer

Every piece of data needed for optimization gathered in one place

Without Automizer

Spend hours manually adjusting campaigns

With Automizer

Pause/resume, your campaign and change bid values straight from Voluum

Without Automizer

Stay glued to your monitor day and night keeping track of your campaigns

With Automizer

Set up alerts to be sure that your campaigns are running smoothly

The Voluum & Mondiad integration is free!

The full Mondiad integration is available for all Voluum pricing plans for free, up to $1,000 of ad spend. If your needs exceed the limit, you can always upgrade your Automizer plan.

Start enjoying the benefits today!