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Why Email Traffic? Interview with Nelson Montouchet from LiveIntent

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Voluum DSP collaborates with 30+ high-quality supply partners to fulfill the clients’ inventory needs. One of our trusted partners is LiveIntent, one of the top providers of email traffic. With 371,802,273 bid requests available daily…

How to get started with native ads? A beginner’s guide for Voluum DSP

How to Get Started With Native Advertising? A Beginner’s Guide to Voluum DSP

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If you’re reading this, it means you’re into native advertising and already buying or willing to buy an ad inventory in the most efficient manner – by using the Voluum DSP Native Advertising Platform. Digging…

What Is Native Advertising And Why Should You Care?

What Are Native Ads and Why Should You Care?

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Updated on March 26, 2019 Native ads became marketers’ best friends a while ago. With their non-invasive form and format, this type of ads brings remarkable results. According to Wordstream, 90% of publishers already use…