Why Voluum is the best RedTrack alternative

if you want an easier way to make your digital advertising profitable

Traffic source integrations can be a huge time-saver for digital marketers. That is, if they work correctly...

RedTrack offers many API integrations, but a lot of them don't allow for automatic cost transfer or all they let you do is pause campaigns.

With Voluum you can take real control of your campaigns from the tracker panel!

Voluum’s user-friendly design makes navigating through your data and finding features much easier than in RedTrack.

It also allows you to track your ad spend & revenue in multiple currencies at the same time – unlike in RedTrack!

Finally, if you care about safety, Voluum’s multi-factor authentication makes it a more secure tracker.

Voluum vs. RedTrack

Optimization & Reporting
Automatic Campaign Optimization
Yes, Traffic Distribution AI for offers, landers, and paths + Smart Rotation
Only for landers and offers
Rule-based IP/UA bot blocking
Yes, part of Anti-Fraud Kit
IP-based only
Auto-detection and Anti-fraud details
Yes, 10 metrics within Anti-Fraud Kit
Yes. An additional fee of $0,10 per 1k checks
Ad spy protection tools
Yes, both PHP and JavaScript versions
PHP version only
Extensive Reporting
Yes (up to 4 levels of grouping and drill-down)
Grouping only
Custom Conversion Tracking
Yes, extensive reporting options, up to 20 conversion types
Yes, but limited to passing conversion types, up to 11 types only
Unique visits and unique clicks
Unique visits only
Shared Reports
White Label Shared Reports
API Traffic source Integrations
Yes, 21 integrations with auto cost-update, bid changing, whitelists & blacklists, campaign/dimensions pausing
Yes, 20 integrations
Automation frequencies
Every 15 minutes included in the free $1000 ad spend limit
Every 30 minutes included in the free subscription
Lander Scanning Tool
Error Log
Yes (all currencies)
(default account currency can be changed ONLY once)
Activity Log
Accepting conversions without Click IDs
Redirect webhook
Report markers
Multi-factor authentication
Data Centers
5 AWS regions (Tokyo, Singapore, Frankfurt, Ireland, São Paulo, Virginia, Argentina)
Data not available
No server downtime since 2015
Data not available
Engagement & Rewards
Loyalty program

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Why choose Voluum over RedTrack

if you want to run your advertising campaigns effectively

Reason no. 1

Traffic source integrations that actually help

Not all API integrations are made equal...

With Voluum you can pause & activate campaigns, change bids, create white & blacklists and have your traffic source costs auto-updated in the tracker.

You can also set custom alerts & rules to let Voluum auto-adjust your campaigns for you. Smart!

Reason no. 2

Insightful Reports

The devil’s in the details.

That’s why, on top of 3-level grouping, Voluum also lets you perform drill-downs to get granular data about every impression, visit, click & conversion.

Can you do that with RedTrack?

Spoiler alert: no

Reason no. 3

AI Optimization

There’s no one secret setup for a profitable campaign. To maintain the best ROI, you have to make adjustments, or… leave it to Voluum!

Our Traffic Distribution AI keeps analyzing your data and automatically sends more traffic to the best performing offers, landers or even entire paths*.

*which, you guessed it, Red Track can’t do...

Easy campaign migration.

Are you using RedTrack? Switch to Voluum. We will offer you a better price and help you migrate your campaigns!

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Voluum contributed massively to my business growth - from $1M a year to $3M. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, giving me the ability to manage large sets of advertising data.

Luke Kling

Affiliate Community Leader

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