How Bigger Picture Solutions made $500K in less than 2 months with Voluum 

They call themselves the geeks who believe that data tells us stories. 

But those stories can only be understood by dissecting the numbers.

On a more serious note, Bigger Picture Solutions is a leading media buying agency striving to deliver the best results for its international clients. They’re a true expert in programmatic media and utilizing big data. 

Voluum might have something to do with their success. But let’s start from the top. 

Broad area of expertise 

Bigger Picture’s team has their hands full of work. With over a hundred clients worldwide and 1M+ monthly sales, they simply cannot afford to slow down. The platform works with 40+ DSPs, providing services in a large variety of verticals, and niches such as e-commerce, VAS, mobile services, and lead generation. 

In terms of ad formats, their portfolio is just as big: pop-ups, domain redirects, native, interstitials, video to social media ads, and coupons to name a few.

Working with a large portfolio of clients in diverse industries requires an effective tool to handle all those campaigns. 

And because they are performance marketers, reliable optimization, automation, and tracking systems are essential to their business model. 

Lights. Camera. Cue Voluum. Action.  

The targeting obstacles

Since they run various offers from many advertisers, the target audience never stays the same. So, creating a strategy is not only critical but becomes all the more challenging. Moreover, as mentioned before, Bigger Picture works on a performance basis and that means analyzing campaign insights and adjusting along the way to continually ensure profitability. 

The platform doesn’t work with personal data or demographic targeting, except for social media or in the case of some DSPs that allow demographic targeting. However, for mobile content, it’s essential to target specific users based on mobile operators or connection type. 

For e-commerce, the strategy is obviously different. It’s about targeting people based on the intent of purchase, and segmentation of the data made with user behavior in mind. For example, impulsive shoppers react well when seeing ads on social media after looking for a specific product through Google search. Shoppers who take longer to decide can be converted through retargeting funnels and strategies. 

All of that means you’re juggling multiple channels and strategies at once. How do you stay on top of that? 

From defense to offense. Finding tools that truly work

Bigger Picture runs not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of campaigns at once.

That means a ton of combinations of different targeting and bidding strategies.

When they first started, most of their time was dedicated to removing sketchy and unprofitable publishers instead of supporting the good ones and trying to keep campaigns up-to-date and optimized. Removing unprofitable publishers was Bigger Picture’s biggest pain point. 

And when you run thousands of campaigns, shrinking the margin of human error becomes highly challenging. In fact, basically unavoidable. 

Initial optimization efforts were done with Excel VBA – a Microsoft programming language used to automate repetitive data processing and generating reports. And later on with PHP but this was way too time-consuming – meaning the process had to be automated. And Bigger Picture understands that a campaign manager’s time is precious. Finding useful tools that will maximize their efforts while reducing human error was key to achieving much better performance.  

Minimizing that error margin could prove crucial to staying afloat in all industries but mobile especially. Many companies that used to do media buying for mobile ran out of business or changed their focus but not Bigger Picture. Think about this. 

Bigger Picture managed to stay relevant and keep certain niches profitable. How? By changing their mindset and going more on offense with their business. 

This meant looking for solutions that would take the weight off their shoulders. 

And now, the big question arrives. 

How does Voluum play into that picture? 

The strength of automation 

The founders of Bigger Picture had had some previous experience with other trackers but none met their strict requirements. Especially when it came to API. 

Voluum has what other trackers lack: such as features dedicated to media buying plus enabling most of them through API, and connecting custom-made solutions. 

It’s been three years since Bigger Picture started with Voluum. Long enough to see if the shoe fits. 

Thanks to Voluum’s automation features Bigger Picture was capable of reducing the time spent on manual adjustments by 90%, basically returning time to the team and giving the managers space to focus on the macro level instead of constantly putting out fires and manually fixing whitelists. 

With the click of a button, they can access all their campaigns in Voluum’s dashboard. 

Voluum’s many reporting features allow analyzing data from various angles and combinations of dimensions. The agency also uses certain automation features for creating whitelist/blacklists. 

It’s true that Bigger Picture uses tools that were custom-made via API. What does that mean? When using Voluum API you have access to all of our features with…you guessed it, the correct API request. So you can use all of Voluum’s powers and utilize it as a database while performing automation on your end, tailoring it to the specific needs of your business.

Thanks to the API tools, optimizing campaigns, pausing them, or just removing unprofitable publishers or segments is done automatically for Bigger Picture. Saving hours a week of valuable time. 

Bigger Picture needed a tracker with good-quality API solutions to enable custom-made tools followed by proper support, reliable reports, easy implementation, and fast loading time. They have found all of that with Voluum. 

And not just fancy tools, but actual profits as well: Bigger Picture was able to generate over $500K in sales in less than 2 months after launching new e-commerce features with Voluum.

Our tracker is a flexible tool that can fit the unique needs digital marketing businesses have. It can be the perfect choice for big players looking for advanced automation. 

Let me sum up this article with a quote. 

When we asked Bigger Picture, they simply answered: 

“What would our business model look like without Voluum? Can’t even imagine.”

Let Voluum reinvent your media buying strategies. 

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