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Quality of leads increased by up to 150% with Voluum & Taboola - Xevio case study

  • Lead quality 150%

There’s no doubt the native ad space is a great place to look for leads: Xevio, a consultant agency specializing in native ads, recently significantly boosted the leadgen efforts of two of their customers.

Led by long-time native ads veteran Nadim Kuttab, Xevio relies heavily on qualitative content pieces to generate tens of thousands of leads every week. The perfect fit of ad, publisher, advertorial, and product page will make or break lead generation efforts in the native ads space. 

This level of fine-tuning can only be achieved through a high volume of A/B tests, and require specialized tools, like Voluum.

Thanks to their expertise, Voluum’s features and Taboola’s quality traffic, the two clients from the solar and financial niches have started generating a major portion of their quality leads from native.


Xevio is a leading consultant agency that aspires to make native ads accessible to brands and advertisers globally.


Increasing the quality and quantity of leads by leveraging Taboola’s native ads as an additional leadgen channel.


Introducing Voluum to customer’s campaigns to perform large-scale tests that allow them to fine-tune their pages and segmentize audiences with rule-based paths to guarantee the most efficient lead output.

Voluum feature

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Xevio increased lead quality by up to 150% and received between up to 65% of total leads from native ads.

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Through testing to excellence

Xevio was co-founded by Nadim Kuttab, a veteran in the native ad space. For many years, he managed several of the biggest native ads campaigns on Taboola and more. His agency drove over 100M in direct revenue from native ad campaigns over the course of less than 12 months. He co-founded Xevio with the intent of making native ads accessible to brands, advertisers, and agencies around the world, by sharing knowledge, consulting, and building full-funnel solutions tailored to native audiences. 


Xevio understands and tries to teach their customers that the road to success in native ads is the sum of small updates. There’s no one magic solution that allows advertisers to hit their revenue targets without output tailored to the native ads channel.


In these cases, Xevio built ads, landing pages, and lead funnels and analyzed their quality in combination with different publishers on Taboola, a leading content recommendation platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, Taboola’s platform reaches over 500 million daily active users across some of the world’s top sites, including CNBC, BBC, NBC News, Business Insider, The Independent, and El Mundo. By posting back not just the lead data, but also the qualified lead data, and the revenue per sold lead back into Voluum – Xevio could effectively optimize towards lower cost per leads, and higher revenue per lead. Effectively, by relying on data and creating rules to serve unique funnel combinations on a publisher level, Xevio was able to scale while reducing price, and increasing quality. 

This enabled effective lead generation in the native ad space which soon became a major stream of leads for the two customers at hand.

The tool that Xevio uses with its customers to spot and perform the optimization efforts is Voluum, a platform that sits at the heart of every efficient marketer’s setup, and the foundation of Xevio’s success on different native traffic sources. 

Voluum lets you apply Xevio’s knowledge

Lead generation means searching for interested visitors or sparking an interest in them. Both of these tasks require a deep understanding of audiences that exist on a constant feedback loop: the more you learn about your leads, the more accurately you can target your content for prospective leads.

For this to work, marketers need data points that you can later cross-reference. An audience is not a homogenous group, it is a collection of smaller groups whose members make similar decisions. A marketer needs to optimize web presence toward the most promising groups, while cutting down ad spend on less promising groups. They need to do this until they reach Pareto’s optimum – a state where no action can make one parameter better (for example, getting more leads) without harming other parameters (costs, page load speed, etc.).

Voluum enables what is essentially the main ingredient of Xevio’s secret sauce: large scale A/B or multivariate testing. This is the best way to get to the optimum. Basically if you haven’t tested hundreds of landing page variations while running natives, you are doing it wrong.

Xevio uses Voluum and recommends using it to their customers, as it is the most complete solution for marketers. Everyone wants to and should know if they got the best deal, the best return on their ad dollar. With Voluum, they can.

“Voluum offers so much for talented marketers. When it allows you to earn thousands of dollars more on platforms such as Taboola, the incremental cost of using it is nearly zero.”

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