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Scaling from $50k to $3M in Native Ads with Voluum

  • Budget scaled 60 times

6H is a brainchild of veteran media buyers in the native ads space. Through tests and purchases on a scale, they gained an expert knowledge in running and scaling native campaigns. In 2021, this collective experience resulted in starting their own ad agency.

As of now, 6H is one of the biggest advertisers on Taboola. It excels in quality lead acquisition & conversion optimization. 6H became a premier partner for Taboola, aiming to create a real alternative to advertising on Facebook or Google.


6H is an ad agency that leverages native traffic to deliver best results to its customers. It operates primarily in the US, UK and DACH markets.


Testing many variants of the same page and observing audience reactions to pick the most performant design.


Use Voluum for split-testing landing pages using manual options or AI-powered automatic A/B testing. Additionally, segmentize an audience into smaller parts to show different variants of the page to different people.

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Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


They went from $50k/mo to $3 million budgets, testing over 8000 landing pages with Voluum

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Native advertising relies on exceptional landing pages. They should be able to continue the experience of reading high-quality content from the publisher’s site to the landing page and then be able to hold a user interest long enough for them to digest it and become interested in the offer.

This requires advertisers to test many variations of the same page, sometimes with only minor changes included, to find the one that brings the most results. This is not something that can be achieved manually: switching pages and observing audience’s reactions is only possible with a specialized tool on this scale.

Voluum became 6H’s method of choice to handle data tracking and split-testing. From checking the performance of each landing page variation to recording over 8k conversions every day, Voluum has put them on top of the advertising world.

Hundreds of pages and only one answer

6H started using Voluum to test hundreds of variations of landing pages. When you design a landing page in the most optimal way, it means that any further adjustments would hurt your numbers. But things change, trends come and go, and people get bored with even the most polished design. This is why traffic needs to be constantly tracked and new ideas tested.

When it comes to tracking, 6H relies on Voluum’s live data to assess the profitability in real time. 6H uses postbacks for reliable conversion tracking and API connection to fetch cost data from Taboola, simplifying tracking with clients by integrating Voluum and passing data back to traffic sources. When 6H onboards a client, they only need to set up one postback rather than a traffic source-specific tracking solution, saving time and getting projects going faster. 

6H is an avid user of Rule-based paths, allowing advertisers to show different landing page variations to specifically outlined audiences: people from a select city, using a specific device type and so on. This allows 6H to tailor content to sub-groups on Taboola, allowing for more consistent conversion rates and higher profitability. 

The overall result was that the agency as a whole tested over 2,000 landing pages in 2021 and over 8,000 in total through Voluum. As of today, Nadim and his team comfortably track 7k – 8k conversion daily with Voluum.

“Voluum is essential to Taboola – split testing content is a must if you want to succeed on Taboola.”

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