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How to Lower CPL by 20% on Native MediaGo Traffic with Xevio using Voluum

  • CPL 20%

Xevio is an ad agency that has been using Voluum for years to optimize their campaigns. Recently, the company started cooperating with MediaGo to get quality leads on a global scale.

The overarching goal was to keep cost per lead as low as possible while maintaining lead quality on the same level.

Firstly, the company was using Voluum to A/B test to find the best combination of landing page variations and audience segments.

Then, they leveraged MediaGo’s smart bidding technology. This allowed Xevio to display relevant ads to the target audience with minimal bid.


Xevio is a native ads agency that curates clients’ campaigns to the ultimate success through their creative content & industry knwoledge.

MediaGo is Baidu’s advertising division that provides access to high-quality publishers across the globe.


The challenge for Xevio was to reduce cost per lead while increasing the overall lead quality.


Xevio used Voluum to tune their advertising strategy using MediaGo’s smart bidding technology and Voluum A/B testing features.

Voluum feature

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CPL decreased by 20% with average lead quality increased by around 30% resulting in 80 percent increase in ROI with Voluum

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Getting leads is a game of balance

Xevio provides its services to companies that want to leverage creativity to get quality leads using native advertising. The company has been using Voluum for years to bring unprecedented success for their customers.

The most used feature is A/B testing that determines what landing page variations works best with a given audience. Using Rule-based paths allowed Xevio to gain insights into the structure of its audience and what segments work best with which landing pages. All this enabled Xevio to keep their cost per lead low.

Recently, the company decided to reach new audiences with the help of MediaGo. MediaGo is an advertising platform of Baidu. They offer access to exclusive audiences with premium placements.

The goal was to reach a concrete user profile in the solar, real estate, and heat pumps niches and reduce the cost of acquiring a lead. MediaGo, with its global reach, was the perfect platform for scaling their clients’ businesses.


Xevio approached the challenge in a smart way: firstly, the company used fixed bids on MediaGo to confirm their initial hypothesis about a user profile and verify the creative assets. Then, in the second step, they utilized MediaGo’s smart bidding technology to optimize their bidding strategy.

MediaGo’s algorithms were able to adjust he bid value on the fly to keep delivering quality leads while keeping the price at minimum. The company was using Voluum simultaneously used to split-test landing pages with Rule-based paths to segmentize audience and keep finding new angles.

As a result, Voluum become the brain of the operation, allowing Xevio to direct MediaGo traffic to the most profitable destinations.

The cooperation of the three companies created a self-sustaining feedback loop that kept bringing better and better results:

At the end, the goal was fulfilled: Xevio had successfully lowered the CPL while maintaining (in fact, increasing) lead quality while reaching new audiences on MediaGo thanks to Voluum split testing. Overall, the assessed ROI increase reached a staggering 80%, not to mention the hours of work saved. Xevio estimates that the company works 3 – 4 times more efficiently with Voluum thank without it.

“We at Xevio are using Voluum as our centralized brain to collect data from the traffic sources, the lead forms, and the call center. We optimize quality on MediaGo, testing dozens of unique funnels in the process, while Voluum serves as the control center of our data collection, analysis, and split testing, and plays an instrumental role in enabling the success of Xevio’s campaigns on MediaGo.”

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