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How to increase ROI by over 30% with Voluum

  • ROI 30%

XenTraffic Inc. is a renowned media buying company that specializes in ecommerce, leadgen, Casino offers and traffic acquisition. These are niches that require flexibility in serving various use cases.

What was needed for XenTraffic Inc. is a solution that can tap into all ad networks, record conversions and allow for advanced customizations. Only then the company will be able to serve its customers efficiently.  

XenTraffic Inc. chose Voluum because of its reliability (100% server uptime since 2014), richness of features and helpful support.


XenTraffic, a company that monetizes CPA and CPL affiliate offers to help its clients get huge sales through sophisticated funnels.


Managing data that is scattered around 30+ ad networks to know what kind of traffic is worth buying and will work for the customers.


Use Voluum as the main data management platform to analyze the most important traffic and profitability metrics with the consideration for various conversion types and to A/B testing pages.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Almost 200,000 conversions in one year with 90% in the United-States. ROI increased by over 30% with Voluum tracking.

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Voluum for media buyers

Voluum can be tailored for the needs of many types of users. One of XenTraffc’s most used Voluum feature were custom conversions that allow it to easily segregate conversions by type and payout. This combined with accurate conversion tracking mechanism that allows only verified conversions to be recorded allows for precise conversion attribution.

Additional benefit that helps XenTraffic Inc. be a competitive force on the market is the option to analyze the most important traffic and profitability metrics (such as visits, conversions, cost, revenue, ROI, CPV, EPV, eCPA).

Lastly, XenTraffic’s team was also doing A-B tests and banner rotation by device type, IP range, OS and more.

This was also further supported by AI-backed A/B testing.

“Media buying is mainly all about finding the right traffic to the best converting offer. The only way to succeed in our ecosystem is to have the established tools to be able to measure your performance. That’s the main reason we’ve been keeping a strong partnership with Voluum, our tracking provider.”

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