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How Voluum helped reach 300% ROI on SMS Ads

  • ROI 300%

P2P Tech is a performance agency that enables its customers to tap into wide audiences using SMS traffic. It operates in, among other, mass-appeal auto-insurance verticals in the US. This means that anyone above the age of 18 qualifies as a lead.

What you work with is a massive market that has to be segmented and analyzed to find profitable parts of the audience.


P2P Tech is an ad agency offering peer-to-peer marketing technology for performance marketers.


Manage high volumes of data generated by large markets accessible  and optimize the way ads and offers are delivered.


Use Voluum to track and analyze various data points connected from the SMS campaigns, and measure and optimize performance using the iCTR metric.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Going from hardly breaking even, to 200-300% ROI, sometimes even more.

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The specificity of the SMS tracking means that it uses impressions. For P2P Tech, the most important metric is iCTR or impression click-through rate. It describes the ratio of people who saw an ad to people that clicked it.

This all boils down to the need of having a robust and versatile tracking system that can handle this much traffic and record multiple data points.

The challenges of tracking SMS traffic

Knowing who opened your link and who converted is essential for campaign optimization. How many of them might consider getting a good deal on insurance but simply don’t want to do that via a link in a SMS message? Would a younger and more tech-savvy person respond better to this messaging or rather an older generation? City folks on the go using mobile connection? 

There are answers to these questions. They simply need to be found inside recorded data. Voluum’s reporting engine allows you to cross-reference all data points with each other and, for example, drill down into up to 7 layers of data to see the performance of a given lander, in a given city, on a given device type, etc.

There’s also an auto-optimization feature called Traffic Distribution AI. The way it works is that Voluum algorithms learn which offer (or a lander, or a whole path) brings the best results. After a learning period, it drives the most traffic towards the winning element but still tests the other one in case performance changes.

Auto-optimization is a lifesaver when you want to quickly A/B test an offer and don’t want to analyze the numbers by yourself.

“I heard of Voluum being the best tracker for lead generation and it was my first choice at the time. I have no regrets. The auto-optimization feature really saved me a ton of time optimizing campaigns.”

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