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How Voluum helped an iGaming company increase revenue by 25%

  • Revenue 25%

Mansion is an online casino operator that provides iGaming services for players from around the world. Licensed in Gibraltar, it operates under the following brands:,, and SlotsHeaven. 

Most operators, Mansion included, use a combination of SEO and content marketing to get to people that could be interested in their services. 

Although this approach still delivers goals, paid advertising is starting to be seen by the industry as a way of getting tailored messages to targeted audiences. It’s a bit of a new territory for many operators.


Mansion is an iGaming operator that puts strong emphasis on safety, customer experience and upholding all mandated regulatory standards.


Introduce paid advertising to increase brand awareness, attract new types of customers and increase the popularity of this type of entertainment.


Utilize Voluum’s conversion tracking mechanisms and bot filtering options to improve the quality and accuracy of recorded data and improve the efficiency of each ad dollar.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


25% revenue increase after a year with Voluum.

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Mansion started realizing that they can’t manage different marketing campaigns without specialized tools. Each campaign type has different performance indicators and different budgets.

Additionally, they wanted to reach people that have never gambled before. Widening the audience was the main reason for them to add an additional stream of users to their standard SEO efforts. 

Lastly, there were problems with traffic itself, and to be more precise – with its quality.

Paid advertising for iGaming operators with Voluum

Voluum integrates with many popular ad networks that are great for running paid igaming ads and is able to fetch data using reliable API connection to ensure data accuracy

The specificity of the iGaming vertical results in shifted focus: data that Mansion tracks is slightly different from the majority of advertisers in other niches.

While other digital marketing businesses are focused on conversions or leads, deposits are what interests igaming operators the most. Getting reliable information about the number or amount of deposits is crucial for an iGaming business.

This informations then enables upweighting media spend based on conversion reporting provided by Voluum. 

The other thing that Voluum help Mansion with is giving the option to source new traffic when identifying fraud traffic thanks to Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit.

After using Voluum for over a year, Mansion was able to streamline their campaign optimization processes and save hours of work. The most important outcome came in the form of 25% revenue increase.

“By being able to trust the data the Voluum platform was showing us as a result of the integration, hours have been spared not double checking the data.”

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