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How Fleetmarket boosted conversion rates by 277% with Voluum

  • CR 277%

To grow effectively, FleetMarket was in need of a comprehensive, reliable tracker that would meet the needs of an agency like theirs. Why did they go with Voluum?

Simple. Our tracker had what they needed (and what they didn’t yet know they needed): deeper level of optimization, automation, testing, and cost control.


You’ve heard of Volvo, Toyota, BMW, Jeep, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Mercedes, Leaseplan, Arval, Locarent… FleetMarket works on finding qualified leads for them. FleetMarket is a Portuguese lead generation agency in the automotive industry. 🏎️


Finding a scalable solution to maintain campaign efficiency while not having to micromanage performance.


Voluum’s in-depth reporting, filtration functions, bot identification, automated testing, cost controls, and exclusive support. FleetMarket can now easily identify the best traffic sources and campaign components, highlight the hottest ones, while filtering out the weaker funnel.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


3X more leads with the same amount of traffic & 277% boosted conversion rates & 135% ROI with paid and organic combined.

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With Voluum, the team at FleetMarket is able to track every essential metric (and more) in connection with the user to the lead. 💸💸 Our tracker allows them to:

  • Identify the best traffic sources, creatives, placements
  • Highlight and mark the pages (articles, landers…) with the best CTR
  • Filter out weak flows (funnel) and boost the strongest ones
  • Test new approaches easily with just a few clicks
  • Take advantage of what works best in organic traffic and rotate the results page
  • Upload information about conversions as well as invalidations giving an idea of the entire advertising picture

A good tracker is the key to growth

Now, they can make use of all the features in Voluum to not only improve results, but do so consistently. Our tracking, optimization, automation, fraud-blocking, and integrations tools ensure that.

And it’s easy! With stellar, 1-1 Agency level support from our Customer Success team, mastering our Automizer and tracking features can be done in days. Minimal effort, maximum results.

What’s more, FleetMarket was able to generate 3 times more leads for a total of 9K leads! 🤯 Since then, they’ve fine-tuned their campaigns to win a 277% increase in conversion rates! 🎉💰

“Before Voluum, our team tried several tools, and reports – but it was very difficult to track costs and results for different sources as we scaled. But with the right tracker, we were able to triple the number of leads, for the same amount of traffic, and get around 135% ROI with paid and organic combined”

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