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Easy 15% Profit Increase on Leadgen & Arbitrage thanks to Voluum Conditional Paths with Everflow

Ideaclan is an ad agency that has its fingers in many pies. This means that they don’t focus on just one traffic type but have 4 distinctive business lines: search arbitrage, leadgen, ecommerce, content arbitrage.

They advertise their own or clients offers from niches such as personal loans, health insurance, and others, using paid traffic from the likes of Taboola or relying on partner traffic. Partners are managed with Everflow.

Like many companies of this type, they were struggling with delivering the right offers to the right people. 

Then they discovered Voluum.


Ideaclan is an ad agency that promotes its own products or clients’ products from traffic arbitrage, ecommerce and leadgen sectors.


Direct concrete segments of an audience to different paths and optimize ad delivery through testing.


Using Voluum’s Rule-based paths to create conditions, in which visitors are directed to one path or the other. Use path weights to A/B test different angles on an audience.


15% profit increase with an additional bonus of 2 hours of work per day saved.

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Segmentation is king

When you advertise a lot of products and services, you need to have a general idea of who your target customer is. That’s obvious. But how do you make sure that the right people stumble upon the ad that should be the most interesting for them? And how can you make sure that those are the right people?

These were problems that the Ideaclan agency was facing every day. Although they were already using industry standard solutions such as Google Analytics & Google Optimize for basic analytics and testing, their efforts still took a lot of time and weren’t optimal.

The solution to their problem became clear when the agency discovered Voluum in 2015. Voluum, a performance ad tracker, is equipped with features designed for such business cases. Apart from meticulously recording data, Rule-based paths can apply conditions to incoming traffic and direct visitors that meet certain conditions to a given path.

This means that you can send people on iPhones to a different page than those using Androids. 

There are many conditions that you can apply: country, ISP, device type, connection type, and so on. Utilizing rule-based paths means more efficient ad delivery.

Testing is the joker card

Keen readers have already noticed a problem: you need to know who to direct where. And that comes with careful analysis of recorded data (which uncovers hidden patterns and trends) and with testing.

Testing obviously means putting two (or more) landing pages or offers in front of the same audience and rotating visitors randomly. The page that brings in the highest revenue wins and is proven to work on all audiences or on its selected parts.

Note that you can combine both features and have many pages and offers in each rule-based path.

Ideaclan tested over 50 landing pages for just one Taboola campaign – until they found the best one. Can you imagine doing all this manually, with hundreds of campaigns running?

The cherry on the top is the easy integration with Everflow, a partner management platform. Voluum and Everflow are often used together to cover both ends of many ad advertising businesses: paid advertising and partner programs.

The overall result was: saved time, saved money on traffic and, at the same time, more profits earned on people finally getting to the right offers.

“We can roughly say that with testing of different landing pages and offers (as well as detailed reporting), we were able to improve our campaigns results by 10-15%”

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