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How Michael increased his margins by 30% with Voluum’s traffic source recommendations

  • Profit 10%

Our client Michael, a digital marketer, decided to ride the wave of search arbitrage after noticing it was gaining in popularity. This decision paid off as Michael runs ads for GEOs in each corner of the world, in a variety of niches, while mostly staying focused on health-related ads. 

The dynamic nature of arbitrage requires him to monitor his performance constantly

Given the fact that traffic sources switch up their policies or algorithms every once in a while, Michaell has to rotate the ones he works with periodically and always look out for the most favorable, emerging ones.


Michael is a seasoned media buyer who runs search arbitrage campaigns in health-related niches across the globe.


Staying connected with traffic sources that match the media buyers’ needs and finding a reliable tracking solution for collecting real-time conversion data.


Using Voluum’s real-time reporting, and connecting with our representatives for traffic source matches.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Michael now optimizes campaigns in real-time enjoying almost 10% growth in profit and a 30% increase in campaign traffic.

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Before switching to Voluum, Michael relied heavily on Google Analytics. But was never satisfied with having to wait several hours for the data to come in or its lack of reliability. He wanted to monitor his traffic and react fast to changes in his campaigns. 

Voluum is of course not the only tracking tool available on the market. There are, in fact, many – and some probably have very similar features. But there’s always something that distinguishes one from the other. As Michael admits, the reliability of Voluum tipped the scale in its favor, and what ultimately kept him there is the care demonstrated by our representatives when clients come for advice. 

Michael has been working with Voluum for a year. 

Rotating traffic sources is difficult to handle, especially since it could take quite a while to get approved, and that approval is never guaranteed. So, Michael decided to take a slightly different approach. After learning that Voluum could help find him traffic sources that best match his business needs – he wasted no time. 

And it was the right decision. After a pleasant thorough conversation, our representative was able to determine the best possible ad platforms for Michael based on his preferred GEOs, budgets, cost models, and every other minute detail of his business. Then our Voluum representative made the introduction, and with a referral, Michael was able to enjoy working with new traffic sources fast and with ease, knowing they were matched well with his goals and needs. 

Besides that, he has access to real-time data and robust reporting features anytime, anywhere.

So, instead of waiting for data to roll in he’s making decisions, yes, in real-time. Thanks to this he can save time and focus instead on actually running traffic, not just collecting data. More importantly, Michael doesn’t have to worry anymore about money going out the window due to outdated, inaccurate data. Real-time allows him to always know exactly what’s going on with his campaigns and where his money is going.

And he’s seeing results – such as being able to shut off non-performing GEOs, boosting his ROI, and seeing up to 30% jumps in margins for a large number of campaigns.   

“Voluum has consistently performed without any issues. And the representative was extremely helpful in connecting us to the right traffic sources. With this, we were able to increase our profitability, save time, and focus on what matters.”

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