Voluum Anti-Fraud Kit: 30% higher profits & 12 hrs saved every week

fraud detection with voluum

Ashish has been running his agency, Worify, for 6 years now. 

And 5 of those 6 have been with Voluum!

Let’s take a look at how this strong, profitable, long-lasting partnership came about…

5 out of 6 years with Voluum

Ashish’s agency specializes in the nutra vertical and mobile applications.

He focuses on helping brands reach their target customers through lead generation campaigns. His performance marketing channels typically include traffic sources like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more.

Worify strives to be a results-driven company that delivers leads in a trackable and measurable way. Cue Voluuum 😉

Human Error & Manual Work

What did campaign management and optimization look like before Voluum?

“Before I started using Voluum, the process of campaign management and optimization was extremely manual and time-consuming. I had to track each campaign manually, and then make changes and adjustments based on the results I was seeing.”

Not only was this extremely tedious work, it often led to errors. While Worify needed to show trackable, measurable results, the fact that everything had to be done frequently meant errors in reporting and campaign management. 

It became clear that a human wasn’t meant to do this painstaking work… that’s what ad tracking softwares like Voluum are for 🙂 

let softwares make profits

Saving time, saving money, fighting fraud

On average, Worify’s switch to our ad tracker resulted in tons of labor hours saved per year:

On average, 10-12 hours saved per week with Voluum!

And the time saved was just the beginning. 

“Voluum has helped me to streamline the entire process, which has made it much easier to optimize my campaigns for profitability.”

For an advanced agency handling hundreds of campaigns like Worify, Voluum’s user-friendly interface goes above and beyond by also being highly-customizable

Plus, Ashish finds Voluum “customer support outstanding”. Whenever he has had a question or issue, the team has always been very responsive and helpful.

Some of his favorite features include:

  • Automated A / B testing
  • Notifications and alerts sent to desktop / mobile devices
  • Automizer (our API integration tool for traffic sources)
  • And the Anti-Fraud Kit, our bot detecting technology!

That final tool came in quite useful. Like most digital marketers, Ashish was not aware of just how much money he was losing to ad fraud and just how much bot traffic was skewing his stats. Voluum’s Anti-Fraud Kit shed some much-needed light on that:

“Bot traffic was definitely affecting my conversion rates. Fraudulent traffic is a big problem in the online advertising world, and I was losing a lot of money to it. Voluum’s fraud detection features have been a lifesaver.”

He even managed to submit those reports highlighting bot traffic to his traffic sources and get refunded: 

in one week Worify saved $5k by getting a refund from various ad networks for suspicious traffic 

– they provided our Anti-Fraud Kit report, Traffic Log, which was proof enough to get that refund! 

[Hey there reader! 👋 If you feel like you may need some extra help in protecting against bot traffic, check out our Free Ad Fraud Protection Guide! ⬅️ 🎉] 

60% More Leads

Since using Voluum, Worify has been able to increase conversion rates across the board, save money on advertising costs with consistent optimization, and improve my overall ROI with error-free automation.

higher profits, more leads, more conversions

And don’t forget – nearly two days of work saved with Voluum per week. 

Not only Voluum can spot the fraud that the human eye will never notice, optimize with A / B testing faster than you ever could, but also we are continuously innovating. It’s no secret that tracking is getting more and more tricky with increasing restrictions. 

Voluum will always be at the helm of the industry, finding innovative solutions for their customers!

Try Voluum today!

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