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How Leedia got 60K Google Ads conversions with Voluum tracking

  • 60k conversions

For the past 4 years, Leedia has been ingrained in the ultra-innovative Forex industry. 💸 To succeed in the lead gen industry, they run ads on Google Ads, Taboola, MGID, Outbrain, Propeller Ads and through other email marketing partners.

Leedia has been using trackers almost since the beginning. Right off the bat, they recognized the need for precise tracking, multifaceted optimization, and potential automation. Especially with thousands of campaigns running continuously. ⚡️


Leedia is a performance marketing agency focused on lead generation for the online trading sector. Their main aim is to provide high quality leads, targeting users looking to make money online.


Simply no way to accurately optimize this volume of campaigns manually. Moreover, with hundreds of daily caps to manage and LPs to rotate, that manpower would take hours and hours for just one day’s work.


Finding a tool with seamless integration with GoogleAds & a perfect complement to Google Analytics. Thanks to Voluum, Leedia can identify and monetize users according to browser version, os, city, region, custom variable and track multiple events through postback.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


With Voluum tracker and its Google Ads integration they generate 60,000+ conversions worldwide every month.

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As Leedia was scaling, spotting bot traffic was nearly impossible at this massive rate as well. With this many campaigns, there was no way for agents to spend time identifying fraud and money-wasting fake traffic.

Leedia used Google Analytics of course, but they soon realized that that wouldn’t be enough. The Google pixel simply doesn’t provide enough detailed information – unlike another certain tracker that we all know and love 😉

Solutions for maximized performance

Not only did Voluum provide the kind of detailed information on each conversion, click, flow and more – but also, they put it in neat, actionable, transparent reports. 

But Voluum was not just a Google replacement for Leedia. 

Our goal in Voluum is to let our users track all their traffic sources in one place and to see the big picture of their advertising efforts. Also, in our tracker, you don’t need to be the owner of an offer to advertise it – you track any types of offers you work with.

Moreover, Voluum provides you numerous other benefits that Google Analytics doesn’t offer, simply because it isn’t built for this level and purpose of tracking: real time reporting, detailed reports, cost integration, custom rules, custom alerts, individual conversion reporting, anti-bot tools.  

Voluum also works great with Google Ads. The bulletproof conversion postback feature enables you to report any type of conversions straight to Google – and smart bidding in Google Ads will use this data to optimize your campaigns. 📈

And this is possible with just a few clicks: to integrate the two platforms, all you need is your Google Ads customer ID. Leedia uses this and experiments with Voluum functions to boost their campaigns continuously. Some of their favorite features:

  • Daily cap to maximize their earnings on every click 
  • Traffic redirection and rotation to make sure all LPs and offers get exposure
  • A/B testing to continually improve and optimize sales flows
  • Automizer to integrate costs & save time, money, and effort across the board

In the forex industry, the granular information, testing options, and automation provided by Voluum are essential – and can’t be found to this level of precision and consistency anywhere else. 

Leedia also utilizes A/B testing to split traffic into multiple offers and analyze the results. These test results then provide the means for better optimization and enhanced performance. 📊 This isn’t possible in Google Analytics and other more broad tracking platforms. 

“Voluum filled the gaps that Google Analytics left wide open. With Voluum tracker we were able to easily track all our campaigns – Adwords impressions, clicks, conversions, costs, and profits!”

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