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40 Hours Of Work Per Week Saved Thanks To Voluum

Bold Collective allows brands to advertise their message and identity across the web using creative solutions. The company used several tools and a proprietary solution to manage their partners and media buying process – but at some point, it found itself stuck and stretched thin across various platforms. The difficulties with analyzing scattered data caused problems with scaling.

To combat those problems they decided to use Voluum and turn it into a single source of truth for all their campaign management efforts.


Bold Collective is a digital creative agency focused on elevating  brands’ online presence to the next level through brand identity, web design, user experience and other means.


The biggest challenge was efficient A/B testing for offers and getting all data in one place for analysis.


Use Voluum’s reporting engine to quickly pinpoint important data for faster scaling and flows for quick A/B testing on a massive scale.


Massive time savings on optimizing placements allowed Bold Collective to reduce the amount of work done by a full-time employee.

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Like all digital agencies, Bold Collective had to juggle data from different sources. You have the performance numbers of your partners, you have data on what you buy, data of offers that you test and landing pages you design. Each aspect on its own is difficult to manage without a specialized tool, not to mention when you have to manage it all.

And in the case of Bold Collective, it wasn’t just about passive data analysis. They needed a way to weigh different offers to determine which one performs best with a given audience.

The company even developed an in-house solution to oversee their media buying efforts but that still wasn’t enough. The overall process, despite the use of other tools, was still very manual and thus – not scalable.

Saving time with Voluum

Voluum has been built with situations like this in mind. Voluum, and its robust ability to be able to group or drill-down on many data points allows the granularity required to stay competitive within the mobile performance marketing space and provide their clients the most high value traffic.

Additionally, every aspect of it has been carefully thought-out to ensure maximum efficiency for its users. The Voluum team is focused heavily on reducing the number of unnecessary clicks and making sure that users don’t have to repeat the same work over and over again.

Take flows for instance – Bold Collective is an avid user of this Voluum feature. They are saved paths containing rules, landers and offers, that can be reused across multiple campaigns. This one simple thing saves hours when working with hundreds of campaigns.

Take automatic A/B testing in the form of Traffic Distribution AI, which is also a feature that Bold Collective heavily uses. Instead of manually checking performance data, Bold Collective only activates one toggle and rests assured that the traffic is distributed in the most optimal way.

Bold Collective also pulls data meticulously recorded by Voluum in the form of a CSV file. This allows for mass optimization and deep data analysis in our specialized software. Such pull requests are also automated and achieved thanks to Voluum API.

“Being able to drilldown fast to pinpoint data allows us to scale and grow campaigns faster than the industry norm.”

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