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How Leverage media got rid of spreadsheets with Voluum reporting

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Before Leverage Media got a tracking software, they used to rely on metrics from affiliates on one side and metrics from ad networks on the other. All these needed to be combined together in tons of spreadsheets, cross-checked and used for the decision-making processes.


Leverage Media is a digital marketing agency that runs a vast amount of offers from many affiliate networks. 


The time-consuming & error-prone process of adding all their ad campaigns from numerous sources into tiny Excel cells & manual data filtration. They couldn’t scale effectively, as they had to keep hiring people to the media-buying team.


Replacing spreadsheets with a solid tracking solution and changing the way they advertise. A/B tests on the offer and lander level were the first major profit-booster.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Leverage Media can track all user actions taken throughout the customer lifecycle. They are able to indicate which traffic converts most often, but also which users are most likely to generate additional income from upsells or other post-install events.

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Data needed to be collected from both ends every day to maintain operations at Leverage Media – so you can imagine the load of manual work on their shoulders. The process took forever and was prone to errors. Their spreadsheets became too clumsy and troublesome to manage. It was easy to get lost in the sea of numbers and bet on the wrong creatives to cut. And the risks were only magnified with the loads of bot traffic waiting for them on every corner. As a result, campaign optimization was insanely demanding (and often ineffective). 

Before they settled for Voluum, Leverage Media tried a few different options. The first tracker they used was iMobiTrax. Later, they also tried Thrive, but eventually, they settled with Voluum.

From the Dark Ages of Advertising to an Ad Tracker

They had three basic needs when it came to tracking software: 

  1. Accurate and fast-tracking 
  2. Powerful data views and breakdowns to analyze campaigns in great detail 
  3. Smart and easy filtering of traffic based on different rules

Fast and accurate data, ability to set rule-based paths, custom conversions, and exquisite campaign management system was all they were looking for. Once they chose Voluum, they never looked back. 

Before Voluum, even simple things like running A/B tests took a lot of time. But this streamlined feature helped them to do it much more effectively. They were able to quickly find out which offers and landing pages perform best in terms of profit or ROI. As the Leverage Media team could finally manage all their campaigns from one platform, they suddenly were able to focus on scaling.

Later, they came to rely heavily on Voluum’s rule-based paths and custom conversions. They used this feature to optimize their ad campaigns by type of traffic, GEO, device, and various other parameters. This enabled them to increase the appeal of their ads message, ultimately lowering costs and maximizing their budget.

“As soon as we switched to Voluum, all data entry and updating spreadsheets was gone. We could finally focus more on creative work and optimizing our campaigns. Lately, we are relying a lot on custom conversion events. With this feature we are absolutely making more money!”

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