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  • 25% workload reduction

Growe is an agency that facilitates various clients and provides them with expertise in terms of iGaming, Marketing an IT.

Some of Growe clients are iGaming operators that deliver interactive gambling entertainment to countries on 3 continents. Utilizing diverse advertising channels, these operators promote games and brands extensively, establishing them as some of the most active Voluum users to date.

Growe opted for Voluum as the reporting engine for its clients due to its stability and scalability. Voluum allowed the Growe clients’ team to dig deep into data


Growe is a brand that unites professionals from diverse realms within iGaming, Marketing, and IT. With a clientele portfolio operating under various brands, Growe functions as an “outsourced expertise provider,” catering to sectors such as online casino operation, betting platform management, affiliate programs, B2B gaming content, software provision, and related fields in the realms of iGaming, Marketing, and IT.


The challenge was to connect data from various sources and record them minding seasonal spikes in traffic and volatility of the whole industry.


The company uses Voluum’s reports for deep analysis that optimize their ad delivery strategies.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Workload reduced by a quarter of a full-time employee

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Being on top in a dynamic industry

iGaming is probably the most uncertain industry, with sudden seasonal spikes, complex legal situations and strong emotions delivered to millions of users around the world. What is certain is that the market size is growing.

Such a complex reality poses a challenge for operators, advertisers, ad networks, and any other stakeholders involved in this industry, a challenge that Growe had also faced.

Some of Growe’s clients are iGaming operators that provides sports betting and other online gambling services in several African and South American countries. For some time, the company was using a proprietary ad tracking solution that could not fit their needs.

The problem was that Growe runs ads on several channels, with social media being the biggest one, and they run performance and brand awareness campaigns. It operates various games and brands that can rapidly grow in popularity around popular sport events. And more and more people are joining the game each year.

It is like having a lot of balls in the air with someone steadily adding more balls. A proprietary solution was no longer a sustainable option.

What the company needed from their ideal ad tracking service was:

  • Scalability of infrastructure that can grow with their business
  • Location in a stable jurisdiction
  • Integrations with popular ad platforms

Vollum ticked all boxes.

Voluum as a complete campaign management solution

What Voluum delivered exceeded the scope of functionalities of a model ad tracker. It did not only give Growe a unique peak inside their data but also enabled them to quickly launch new campaigns, change domains, split-test landers, and more.

Voluum became an all-in-one dashboard for Growe employees from media buying teams. They became proficient in using Voluum, creating in-depth reports to optimize advertising efforts on the fly, while pushing aggregated data to Tableau to give a bird’s eye view on all combined efforts.

Growe does not use Automizer due to the complexity of their setup, but even without auto-rules the company managed to save a lot of precious work hours, freeing skilled media buyers to do more money-generating tasks.

What Growe uses a lot are integrations. API connections with all popular traffic sources enable reliable cost synchronization even for sources that do not support passing cost data via dedicated token.

The end result is a complex and prone to errors scheme turned into an easy to manage setup.

Voluum is like your home couch. It’s comfortable, always here to help – with your tasks or to analyze traffic.

We use it to launch test campaigns, solve complicated tasks with experimental traffic flows, or decide which campaign performs better.”

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