How GemBet Improved CPA by a Whooping 300% Just with Basic Reports in Voluum
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How GemBet Improved CPA by a Whooping 300% Just with Basic Reports in Voluum

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GemBet promotes iGaming servces to people in the SE Asia region. The market is dynamic & largely unregulated, which forces them to switch campaigns, domains and landing pages frequently.

Moreover, the company used to rely on Google Sheets data, which is by its nature delayed. No live optimization was possible.

Voluum was chosen to become a single source of truth when it comes to counting visits, clicks and impressions while MyAffiliates were counting signups.


GemBet is an Igaming operator that promotes in-house offers with partner and paid traffic.


Campaign management was challenging due to the volatility of the market and lack of live data.


Introduce Voluum to handle data collection while MyAffiliates handles partner management.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


300% CPA improvement and tons of work hours saved

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The reality of iGaming advertising

IGaming is a source of entertainment for people around the world. But the legal and technological landscape is complex, to say the least. IGaming operators with in-house media buying teams need to be extra careful and agile when it comes to delivering their message to the people.

GemBet used to rely solely on partner traffic for advertising but decided that they should incorporate paid advertising to their marketing strategy.

Paid advertising works under a different set of principles than advertising delivered by trusted partners. It needs data, detailed and delivered in real-time.

Google Sheets alone are good for analyzing static data but in a world where traffic can climb high only to drop to zero in a matter of hours, a more robust tool was needed.

Voluum checked two boxes for GemBet:

  • it delivered precise data on the number of user-generated events (visits and clicks)
  • allowed for easy campaign management. The latter was especially important, since the reality of iGaming advertising is that campaigns can die out suddenly and landing pages need to be replaced frequently.

The company was also using MyAffiliates to manage their partners. This, along with Voluum, helped to reorganize the whole marketing strategy and introduced result-driven approach.

So, for GemBet, Voluum records visits and clicks and MyAffiliates tracks signups. Both sets of data are then loaded to Google Sheets to give a complete picture.

Even the most basic tracking does wonders

Just by simply recording basic numbers and acting upon them, GemBet was able to dramatically improve their result. Not only their cost dropped but the sheer amount of time saved thanks to quick campaign creation in Voluum, domain switching and A/B testing further impacted the savings. GemBet’s media buyers could focus more on nurturing their campaigns, finding new angles and launching new campaigns instead of wasting time on mundane tasks or just on figuring out if they are profitable.

“I use VLM for a lot of things, and it’s really made my life easier for sure.”

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