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Customer Acquisition supercharged with Voluum and Ringba

Leadnomics specializes in enhanced customer acquisition and generating leads or sales for their customers. It is an ad agency that operates in Insurance, Finance and Home services verticals, sometimes reaching out to other verticals.

The company had to rely on unstable reporting systems that required manual data transfers between them and ad networks. Moreover, they were in dire need of a system that could communicate with Ringba without a hassle.

To tackle all their hurdles, the company chose Voluum as their central tracking service that communicates both with Ringba and ad networks.


Leadnomics is an ad agency that scales their customers’ businesses in terms of leads, sales and app installs and provides top-notch in-vertical monetization options.


The challenge was to get a stale system that was capable of catching converted calls from Ringba and reliably recording and passing campaign data back to ad networks.


The company chose Voluum integrated with Ringba to optimize their customers’ campaigns with no delays and no hiccups.


Consistent and reliable data across all platforms.

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Various platforms, one central dashboard

Leadnomics is one of those companies that never settles, even when things are going great for them. They always try new verticals, ad types – and yes – more optimal ways to manage their data.

Data recording and management is especially important when you have a lot of moving parts: customers’ campaigns in various ad networks, web pages, a call tracking service. You can’t connect everything with each other directly – there has to be one central hub. And this hub better be stable.

When you deal with someone else’s data, stability, reliability and integrity have to be considered top priority. Leadnomics tried many self-hosted systems that proved to be vastly inadequate for the task.

Stability first

Leadnomics needed a platform that could be one source of truth between all the stakeholders. They chose Voluum due to the platform’s reputation of a stable and versatile ad tracker.

The connection with Ringba, a must-have for Leadnomics, proved to be easy and reliable. The way it works is that Voluum passes a click ID data to Ringba numberpool script, which is then returned in a postback URL on a converted call. This makes call data synchronized across both platforms.

On top of that, Voluum can pass this conversion data back to ad networks with no delays, so their media buying algorithms can do their job better.

As a result, Leadnomics have data synced and consistent on all platforms, which allows everyone involved to make data-driven decisions.

“After working with Voluum the first time, we were able to thoroughly recommend their product, and build templated integration documents that made it very easy to get new campaigns set up and tracking quickly.”

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