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How Voluum Can Do the Work of 3 Employes in Brand Advertising

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Jisy Marketing is a small but seasoned ad agency that has been on the market for almost a decade. The company hired a couple of people to help keep data consistent: one person was responsible for connecting data sheets with sources of traffic while others were busy looking at patterns in data.

This working scheme did its job well for several years but prevented the agency from growing. At some point, maybe around the 1,000 active campaigns mark, spreadsheets stopped being sustainable.

Luckily, the agency and Voluum have found each other. Ibrahim, the founder of Jisy Marketking, was able to do the work of 3 people with Voluum – mainly because there was no longer need for manual maintenance. 

This allowed him to save money and grow organically.


Just Marketing is a performance advertising agency that promotes brands from travel, ecommerce, software, online services, mobile content and mobile apps verticals on popular ad networks.


The challenge was to find a way of connecting all data to analyze it as a whole and optimize it more efficiently.


Voluum’s integration allowed it to bring data from various sources to one platform, so it could be analyzed in Voluum reports.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Optimization efforts now take 2 hours per week instead of most of the week

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Managed data is accurate data

Jisy Marketing is a brainchild of one person – Ibrahim. For many years, success came from the relentless effort of him and his team. Everyone had to put plenty of time and resources into overcoming obstacles that shouldn’t be their main focus.

The first problem was coming from connecting data from various stakeholders. Traffic sources have their basic tracking systems but it doesn’t take much to notice that tracking is not a functionality they focus a lot on.

Moreover, each traffic source passes different data: some of them give information on browser and device type but not on city, others have GEO information correct but without any other details. All in all, it was a hassle to have data that is both consistent and comparable – essential conditions for any optimization effort. 

Many working hours were going toward maintaining giant spreadsheets accurate. Then some more hours had to be devoted toward analyzing this data.

Overcoming the quirkiness of various traffic sources was talking more and more time. And the devil lies in the details. For example, most affiliate networks report conversions when they occur – without attributing them to clicks that these conversions originated from. In case of delayed conversions this may make analysis more difficult and overall picture – not accurate.

These problems were like a glass ceiling suspended above the agency’s growth.

Voluum was designed for cases like this one

All this was remedied with Voluum.

Firstly, Voluum integrates with multiple ad networks with ready-made templates, and with a big part of them – through API. This, combined with Voluum’s proprietary ways of obtaining additional data gave Jisy Marketing all data with over 30 data points for each click gathered in one place.

Voluum also can correctly attribute conversions to clicks and register the former using time and day of the click – making data consistent.

And then there’s Automizer: Voluum’s prized automation feature. For Ibrahim, Automizer was capable of doing 80% of the work automatically. With auto-rules, Voluum can adjust bids and pause-resume campaigns 24/7 on selected traffic sources. 

Conversion upload feature allows the company to keep data accurate and reports provide plenty of tools to uncover hidden patterns in data.

“Most of my time was on optimizing campaigns so if i work 9 hours a day and Voluum saved 80% of my time on optimizing so i gained 7.2 hours on developing my company on new ventures like native ads and google ads.”

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