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Doubling earnings with Voluum through Traffic Arbitrage on TikTok

  • Revenue 100%

Traffic arbitrage is when you buy traffic (in the case of Digital Works it’s native or social) and send it to a search query page, where each search result leads to an ad. 

This allows for displaying much more accurate offers, since there are two qualification moments (when clicking on the ad and when clicking on the search query).

Margins in traffic arbitrage are usually low, which makes it a big number’s game. Live conversion tracking is also an issue. Handling that much traffic in real-time requires a dedicated and robust tracker.


Digital Works purchases and resells traffic – a business-venture known as ‘traffic arbitrage’ – and earns money of the margin.


Traffic arbitrage works on large volumes of traffic and low margins, which require precise cost tracking, robust database and complex optimization.


Leverage Voluum’s integration with TikTok, which is a primary source of traffic for Digital Works, and optimize the way campaigns are run for max performance.

Voluum feature

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Doubled earnings with impeccable real-time data and Automizer TikTok integration.

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Voluum for traffic arbitrage

Voluum was the first choice for Digital Works because of its integration with TikTok. TikTok famously has problems with determining the correct ad spend. Plus, without Voluum, they had to do manual calculations – comparing the cost of a single click with earnings from an average click.

For Digital Works, the most important requirement for a tracker, apart from being able to handle large volumes of clicks with ease, were real-time conversions. Feed providers (the companies that deliver search query pages with ads) often have delays of 3 – 4 hours. Without Voluum, Digital Works would have to make estimations. On higher volumes of data, there is a need for real-time data.

Digital Works’s setup is integrating their TikTok accounts with Voluum and sending traffic through the Automizer module top feed providers. Conversion data is recorded via postbacks and send back to TikTok via API.

This setup had not only brought Digital Works accurate and live data to work with but also saved them from building their own postback-firing solution, which is a complex and costly task.

It’s hard to measure exactly how much money Voluum earned for them. The best word that describes it is ‘skyrocket’. They managed to get 100% more revenue.

“The main issue Voluum solved was tracking real-time conversions. Without a tracker, we would not get conversion data for a few hours which is very tough with higher spend volumes.”

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