20% Revenue Growth on AWIN offers Thanks to Voluum Postbacks & Reporting

Tim Taylor, the person behind and its other brands has been in the affiliate space for 15 years. He cooperates with AWIN to find the most promising affiliate programs that they can then offer to their customers through price comparison pages. needs strong content and a good SEO/SEM game to be sure that its offers are easily findable. Tim uses postback for conversion tracking since they are the most reliable – but this poses a challenge, since Google Ads famously doesn’t accept postbacks easily.

Lastly, to step up their paid advertising efforts, they also need to feed Google Ads with conversion data to train its algorithms.

Company and other Best10 brands handle over 200 offers from 30 + verticals that are acquired directly and from affiliate networks such as AWIN.


The issue that the company had was to correctly attribute sales to the elements that caused them: search terms, ad copy, ad position, landing page. An additional challenge was to send conversions that were recorded using postbacks to Google Ads. The company also needed  one single platform to hold all their data and reporting.


Using Voluum to fully track a campaign funnel to enable conversion attribution and setting up passing conversions back to Google Ads.


10% increase in conversion rate and 5% decrease in cost per conversion that allowed the company to reinvest money and enable 20% revenue growth.

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How to find price comparison pages when you don’t know you need them

The answer to this question is: through excellent SEO-optimized content that targets the right search terms, has attractive ads and is presented on compelling landing pages. And of course, with excellent offers that can be sourced from AWIN.

The difficult question though is: how to achieve all this, apart from being an awesome marketer who has signed up for AWIN?

Simple – with a dedicated ad tracker that will help polish all the parts of a campaign funnel. and its related brands (including and have a business model where they try to position themselves on top of a SERP page, making their way to a user’s journey with price comparison offers from AWIN. For them, it’s either top position or nothing. And getting the top spot requires being really good in the advertising game.

For a long time, Tim had to rely on tracking ensured by advertising platforms that have little interest and knowledge to make a competent tracking solution.

That caused several problems:

  • Data was scattered between platforms
  • Recorded data was only general and didn’t allow in-depth drill downs and analysis
  • Passing conversions to Google Ads was tricky

At some point, like with many other companies reaching a certain scale, Tim came to a realization that a dedicated tracking solution is needed. Voluum was the choice.

Ticking all the boxes

Voluum is designed to be the central dashboard for marketers by recording data from all marketing channels with over 30 data points for each click, visit and conversion, and presenting them in flexible reports.

It was like Voluum was created for this specific case, where organic and paid traffic from Google Ads is used. The campaigns are run on a very granular level – they need many data points and a reporting engine that can handle cross-referencing live data on a whim.

This is what Voluum brings to the table. 

Combine Voluum’s powerful reporting mechanism with seamless connection to AWIN and you’ve got yourself a robust tracking setup. But the crème de la crème of Voluum is its integration with Google Ads with a conversion reporting feature.

Most marketers have already come to the conclusion that postbacks are the most reliable method of conversion tracking. Sure, it requires a postback firing mechanism on an offer side – something that a single offer won’t develop on their own – but it basically guarantees catching a conversion. This solution has been widely adopted by affiliate marketing networks such as AWIN. But the problem is that Google chose, for a variety of reasons, a different approach.

Google Ads uses its proprietary pixel technology to catch conversions. In most cases, this takes away the possibility to pass conversions to Google, which in turn lowers the effectiveness of Google’s media buying algorithms. 

Thanks to Voluum, this is not an issue. Voluum can record a conversion using postbacks and pass it to Google in a way it recognizes it and records. And Tim can see his AWIN conversions in Google Ads.

“The benefit of Voluum for this is that it’s very easy to integrate and we’re able to manage everything from one place. We have already grown by 21% in the past 12 months, and aim to grow by 15-20% over the next financial year.”

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