Sweeter Together: How Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream Uses Voluum + Everflow To Manage & Optimize Their D2C Marketing Campaigns

Author: Tony Cohn [Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Everflow]

Cats & The Internet…

Cookies & Milk…

Binging A Season & Not Leaving The Couch…

Our days are so much better when the awesome things in our life work together, especially in business.

While a single solution can help your business achieve a single goal (like ensuring more customers make purchases once they reach checkout, or providing a system to manage subscriptions), solution pairings are the key to unlocking faster scale.

Through passing data into new areas, adding more functionality, and boosting productivity, solution integrations deliver better results.

Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream (a.k.a. PDIC, and probably the best pairing anyone could ask for), is a rising star in the children’s book publishing space with over five million books sold, award-winning authors, and over 5,000 five-star customer reviews. 

PDIC’s success has led to features in major new sources like USA Today, Yahoo!, and Forbes.

PDIC knew that there wasn’t a single solution available to meet their two core growth needs:

  • Create effective and scalable paid media channels
  • Ensure steady growth through total tracking attribution

Being creative (see company name), PDIC searched for solution pairings that work well together.

PDIC chose Voluum and Everflow, and hasn’t looked back, seeing sustained surges in growth since engaging with both companies.

So how were two solutions the right call for PDIC? Let’s dive in first by providing some background on the pedigree of each platform.

Areas Of Expertise 

Modern businesses require precise data management platforms for various aspects of their work. Some need tools to manage relationships with their partners, others need to track the performance of their marketing efforts.

But what if you needed to do both things at the same time?

You could choose to go with a single solution (the easy, standard choice), and not meet all of your data management needs, or be like PDIC and choose two solutions that are proven difference markers at what they do:

Voluum has been in business since 2015, has over one hundred team members, and has been recognized by AffiliateFix, Affiliate Space Awards, and AppLift as a top ad tracker.

Voluum can handle tracking at any scale, and tracks over 500 million ad events daily.

Everflow has been around since 2016, has over seventy team members, and is consistently ranked as the top partnership platform by organizations like G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot.

Everflow enables over 850 customers to amplify their performance channels and partnerships via a single, simple-to-use platform.

Not a bad combo to go with, right?

However, do these two industry leaders “play nice” together? Absolutely!

To show how these two solutions drive better results together, let’s move into how PDIC overcame a major growth roadblock through combining Voluum and Everflow. 

Solving iOS 14 Performance Issues

PDIC CEO Jason Kutasi has been selling children’s books for over four years. Unlike his competition that relies on Amazon and traditional retail channels (brick and mortar stores), he puts his faith into direct relationships with customers. 

Jason has been running ads on platforms like Facebook or Google, but suddenly started experiencing performance issues due to the launch of iOS14. In fact, he was seeing about 30% attribution loss following the iOS 14 update. 

His solution?

Jason used Everflow to fix any attribution issues and utilized Voluum to give his campaigns the horsepower they needed by providing split-test optimization. Let’s see how this pairing worked in detail…

Everflow & Voluum Are The Power Couple

The way that PDIC solved their iOS 14 performance issue was as follows: 

Offers are first created in Everflow, and then they are split-tested using Voluum. Everflow then posts back the conversion data, including revenue, into Voluum. PDIC then uses their own internal solution to add in COGS to optimize to true net profitability.

Native & Social campaigns → Voluum → Everflow → Offer

Jason summarizes the benefit of this setup in the following way:

“I mean, it’s like trying to drive in the dark without your headlights on. If you don’t have tight attribution, how can you see where you are going?”

The post-iOS 14 world refers, of course, to the fact that Facebook needs to ask every user for permission to get access to an advertiser’s ID. If such permission is declined, Facebook alone can’t connect the dots.

But Everflow can. 

Everflow’s conversion attribution mechanism doesn’t rely on redirects and can attribute a conversion to the original visit. 

And then there’s Voluum…

It allows Jason to find the best landing page and offer variations, optimize for the lowest CPA and highest profitability, and rotate landers via AI tech.

Overcoming iOS 14 ad performance issues was just one of the many use cases for PDIC growing faster through Voluum and Everflow. 

These two platforms are continually making a difference for PDIC’s bottom line every day in other ways.

Everflow allows PDIC to track total performance in one location, including Facebook, Google, SMS, and email channels.

Having all performance data in the Everflow dashboard allows PDIC to compare channel performance, understand success through tracking more than just sales.

Event tracking, for example, allows PDIC to optimize their sales funnel by tracking metrics that have proven to yield strong results – like upsells, subscription rebills, newsletter subscriptions.

PDIC can dive even further into performance through placement tracking, and catch which single placements (e.g. a social media post, email newsletter, a paid ad variation) are propelling, or derailing performance.

According to PDIC, direct linking has also been a standout feature from Everflow.

“For us, attribution without redirects has been Everflow’s most powerful feature for growth, providing a smoother linking experience that leads to more conversions,” stated Jason.

Voluum, on the other hand, is designed for marketers and media buyers doing their work by themselves. Voluum generates tracking links for a whole marketing campaign, but also comes with many features that media buyers find indispensable:

  • Automatic split testing
  • Unique visit tracking
  • Rule-based paths
  • Automation
  • Detailed and multilayered reporting with live data
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads cost tracking

Jason describes how PDIC uses Voluum in the following way:

“Split-testing pages and offers is my main use case. When we first started, we weren’t using Voluum and had to manually export data from our attribution platform, and then run pivot tables on the “S Parameters” to optimize. We were doing this multiple times a day, and it was a grind.”

In the end, Voluum and Everflow work seamlessly together to tackle attribution challenges like those caused by iOS 14 for PDIC, while also providing some powerful benefits on their own. Together, they enable Jason to run a complex business in which he manages unique customer relationships and advertising strategies.

What’s Next For PDIC?

According to Jason, PDIC is looking to reach more global customers and empower their authors to expand their own businesses as well.

“Expanding our international reach, and hopefully building out a custom attribution platform for authors to market their books on our own platform,” added Jason.

The Definition Of Synergy

Using both Voluum and Everflow together gives you even more benefits than just selecting one of them. This setup has proved to work for PDIC and for a growing overlapping group of clients. Check out Voluum if you are interested in learning more and discussing how it can work with Everflow and schedule a demo to get started with Everflow today.

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