“This tool gave me 182% increase in revenue”: MyLead Case Study

Voluum Case Study by MyLeads

Constantly coming up with new ideas to promote services and products, a creative approach to monetizing websites, figuring out how to reach the largest possible audience…

All these things connect MyLead publishers. People whose main goal is simply to earn money without leaving their homes. People who are determined and committed to the topic of affiliate marketing.

Finding innovative solutions to improve your results

MyLead is an affiliate network that deals with one of the branches of affiliate marketing. This part of internet marketing is gathering growing popularity among younger and older people, influencers, but also people working full time and those who treat affiliation as the only way of making their ends meet. Generally speaking, affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular with everyone.

In MyLead, with over 100,000 publishers from around the world, it’s natural that everyone has a different, tailored way to reach the largest possible audience.

The question arises: “What tools will help me so much that I will actually notice the difference in my reach and, above all, revenue?”

They were looking for an answer to this question non-stop and eventually they’ve found Voluum.

Learn which features thousands of performance marketers use to track, manage, and optimize their advertising campaigns in Voluum

This is how Voluum greeted MyLead publishers. It sounded beautiful, but common sense added a bit of skepticism to it. Many of the tools they’d used before did not meet their requirements, such as:

After a brief interaction with the website and the opinions of other publishers, it turned out that the creators of Voluum not only provide all of these functions, but also offer much more.

MyLead publishers decided to try using Voluum as a tool to help them succeed. Just like that.

It didn’t take long for each publisher to notice the effects of their decision.

Tracking and analyzing everything, everywhere!

In the context of promoting multiple campaigns at once, being on track with everything is extremely important. Voluum provided publishers with various, different ways to have everything under control.

They say that if you promote, measurement is the first step to improvement. You need to control everything in your campaigns: offers, creatives, referrer links (link tracking software), carriers, browser versions, device models.

All that will show you what to do to make your income and the number of your potential customers higher.

The main function of the tracker is, of course, recording costs and payouts. Thanks to it, not only did MyLead publishers find out how much they have earned on a given campaign, but also how much they’d have to spend on a specific promotion if they chose to invest in it. Only by combining these two pieces of the puzzle together would they know how much they had actually earned.

Thanks to Voluum, MyLead publishers finally learned about organic and paid traffic acquired across numerous sources. All data is contained in one place, each publisher has a simple and transparent access to their panel, regardless of where they are located.

And yes, mobile applications compose a really important aspect of any publisher’s work. Affiliate marketing is a 24/7 job. And remember, time is money.

A problem that MyLead publishers have often encountered is the inability to track both organic and paid traffic without the initial redirect. This caused them considerable problems when advertising, e.g. on Facebook. However, Voluum provides Direct Tracking Pixel, thanks to which they can accelerate the process of sending visitors to their offers and advertise without limits.

Thanks to the entire tracking and analyzing offer on Voluum, one MyLead publisher learned that:

All this data allows publishers to tailor their promotion to their audience, thereby ensuring better results.

Improve affiliate campaign performance – optimize everything!

Voluum provides automated optimization of ads performance.

Without addressing the right audience, publishers wouldn’t be able to increase their conversion rates and make the most out of their potential budget.

Thanks to optimization tools, MyLead publishers learned everything about their recipients and their needs. They found the niches and targets they must hit if they want to achieve the best results and higher income.

With new tools, publishers have automatically optimized their ads’ performance. They didn’t have to worry about running manual tests. Not only would they consume time, but also energy, which they now can spend on actual earnings without having to worry about things that – thanks to Voluum – are already provided.

According to MyLead publishers, one of the most practical features is being alerted when ad performance changes. Publishers know that their campaigns will be much more profitable if they spend all of that time scaling campaigns instead of just checking how is it doing.

Now automate everything!

Automizer is a new function that Voluum came up with just to help the publishers with their performances.

Thanks to this tool, they can automate and combine the entire process described above. All of this, on your own terms!

“Since I started using Voluum as an addition to my collaboration with MyLead, my revenue has increased by 182%”

T. Komorowski

Why is everyone choosing Voluum?

Compared to other trackers, Voluum provides the most innovative tools to support anyone interested in affiliate marketing. Voluum:

  • creates templates to enable automation features,
  • gives transparency with synced costs,
  • lets their users easily set up integrations,
  • allows to set rules to automate campaign optimization.

Just sign up to Voluum to have access to all options described and praised by MyLead publishers. You can also become one of them by joining us!

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