How One Tool Can Change The Way You Work – AFFMore Case Study

Not so long ago we asked AFFMore to provide us with some feedback regarding their experience with Voluum. We are very grateful for such a personalized approach! Now, we are proud to share their response with you. It may not be your typical problem-solution case study, but instead, AFFMore naturally explains how Voluum has impacted both them and their clients. 

Meet AFFMore and LuckyDino 

AFFMore is a gambling affiliate network, providing offers from their own online casino brands, like Kalevalakasino, LuckyDino and CasinoJEFE.

Affiliates are a major part of their business, therefore it’s in their great interest to evolve and provide the best conditions for a successful partnership. 

Voluum comes in handy here, providing AFFMore with the software needed to simplify affiliates’ experience with the network. Besides, Affmore has an internal media buying team running display, push and native campaigns from dozens of sources through Voluum. In such a way, we help both the business and the affiliates associating with it save time and money on their campaigns.  

Why AFFMore recommends Voluum?   

You should already know about all the amazing features Voluum has to offer. AFFMore has proven and shared how all these tools come together to provide a truly unique user experience.  

It all starts with our number-one sales point: Voluum lets you access ALL your campaigns from one dashboard for an easy overview of the statistics. You can see the spend, amount of conversions, profits, and traffic quality – all at once!

At the same time, it’s a strong optimization tool with smart features that allow you to optimize campaign flows and increase their performance.

Thanks to the Anti-fraud Kit you get to see which source exactly is delivering suspicious visits to exclude it and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Finally, Voluum allows you to track several different custom conversions based on your needs. For AFFMore in particular, these are NDC and NRC. 

One of the favorite Voluum features highlighted by AFFMore’s media buyer, Paul, is our Traffic distribution AI. 

A man sitting on a bean bag working on his computer while AI automates the distribution of traffic to the best offers, landers and paths.

The algorithm is designed to assess multiple offers and redistribute traffic according to the “scores”. This way, their traffic can be analyzed and automatically redistributed to the best performing offers, landing pages, and paths.


There is always a need for A/B testing and this function allows you to save your time on manual management. 

For AFFMore, our AI automatically defines which of the lenders performs best for a specific traffic source and changes the distribution percent of traffic based on the conversion rate.

Voluum for AFFMore’s media buyers

It’s not just the affiliate network that can benefit from the solutions our tracker has to offer. This case, in particular, proves that regular affiliates working with AFFMore AND Voluum at the same time can get better results in a shorter time with less hassle. 

Since I started using Voluum for my media buying campaigns, the results have increased 5x times. 

mutli user for media buyers The necessity of landers usage brings up the need for smart management and tracking. AFFMore shared an example from one of their media buyers, who has seen significant improvements in their native and push gambling campaigns’ effectivity after using Voluum and its traffic distribution AI:  

I have a full blog with around 10 articles in several languages, each with a unique theme and title. It’s crucial to be able to set up all the traffic flows with maximum efficiency and optimize them accordingly. Since I started using Voluum for my media buying campaigns, the results have increased 5x times, I don’t need to manually go through the stats and campaigns to choose the landings for each of the traffic sources. 

Summing up

AFFMore claims that Voluum is “definitely a must-have tool”. For them, as marketers, there was never a question, what tracker to use for their campaigns. 

Finally, we were pleased to hear how satisfied AFFMore sounded while talking about our support team and the account managers. It’s in our best interest to ensure all our customers are having a positive experience while interacting with Voluum and see tangible results from everything our tracker has to offer.

Sign up to Voluum today! 

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