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How to Run Google Ads with Voluum

Marketers love Google Ads! 76% of search engine market belongs to Google. What it means for you as an advertiser is that with Google as your traffic source you can attract more people with less effort. And then track it all with Voluum to learn every single detail about your audience? Crazy!

On our next free webinar we’ll be talking about how to:

  • Benefit from your Google Ads campaigns
  • Stay on top of your competition
  • Use an ad tracker to improve your ads’ performance
  • Set up Voluum & Google Ads integration for maximum effectiveness

About Our Hosts

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Head of Digital
Media buyer and performance marketing manager with 7+ years of hands-on experience. Currently helping advertisers discover and use Voluum to boost their affiliate businesses.

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Tech Support Expert
Affiliate marketing specialist with 3+ years of experience in helping customers develop and grow their online businesses. Onboarding and supporting Voluum users for over a year.

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