Voluum Overview

Voluum assists media buyers, performance agencies and affiliates at every stage of the campaign management process and arms them with detailed information about millions of events in real time.

Setup, Manage, Analyze, Optimize, Automate, and Scale your advertising campaigns like nowhere else!

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Voluum Key Features

1. Setup
  • Quick Deployment

    With Voluum your campaigns will be up and running in minutes since the platform is hosted in the cloud and no infrastructure is required on your side.

  • 1-Click Traffic Source Setup

    With over 20 traffic source templates, campaign setup takes just a few minutes. All templates have been developed in cooperation with our partners. That’s a guarantee that they are bug-free and ready to use out of the box.

  • Multiple Cost Models

    Voluum supports CPC, CPM, and CPA cost models, which are widely used in the performance marketing industry. The tracker even allows manual cost updating when the traffic source doesn’t support default options.

  • Secure Infrastructure with MFA Authentication

    Voluum tracker keeps your data safe. We use similar infrastructure to that relied on by banks, and MFA authentication protects your account from being stolen or hacked.

  • Beautifully Designed, Modern UI

    It’s not only about what the platform can do, but it’s also about what the environment in which you’ll be spending lots of time looks like. The Voluum panel combines usability with exquisite and modern design. Any functionality is reachable from any place in the panel. You will never get lost!

2. Manage
  • Flows

    This feature is the key to advanced traffic management. With flows you can direct traffic to different landings and offers on the basis of various criteria, like geo or device type. For example, you can send your iOS users to one landing page and your Android users to another.

  • Real-Time Tracking

    With Voluum tracker you can keep track of costs, conversions, and profits in real time. This means that you don’t have to wait 40 minutes for a report to be generated just to receive data that is no longer valid. Additionally, you can identify what’s not working straight away, so you can change it before you start losing revenue.

  • Seamless Redirects

    Less than 5 ms redirects on the Voluum side mean no click loss. Your visitors won’t even notice the redirect, which is key for campaigns running on mobile.

  • Voluum API

    You can reach all the data collected in Voluum through a free-to-use, well-documented API. The API allows you to build your own solution on top of Voluum and manage all the data on your side while using our fast and reliable infrastructure.

3. Analyze
  • More Than 20 Standard Data Points

    Voluum continuously collects more than 20 data points about visitors to your pages, such as operating system, mobile carrier, location on the city level, language, and many more. This allows you to look at your data from different angles and find optimization opportunities. For example, you can compare conversion rates on iOS and Android and send more traffic to the platform that is performing best.

  • Up to 10 Custom Data Points

    If you require more detailed information about audiences or traffic sources, Voluum allows you to collect additional details like a destination URL or keyword. Plus, you can set up and track up to 10 custom data points for more detailed insights.

  • Mobile Apps

    Voluum Android and iOS apps are available to give you greater control over your data and 24/7 access to reports. Stay updated on campaign performance as often as you need to.

  • Voluum DB for Instant Reporting

    Speed is a key factor in performance marketing. That’s why we’ve created an in-house big data solution to take care of everything that happens under the hood of Voluum. It enables reports to process millions of data points in real time, no matter your traffic volume. Hence the name “Voluum.”

  • Actionable Insights Through Detailed Reports

    There’s no point in creating reports if they don’t give you insights into what you should do to achieve better ROI. With Voluum, you can easily understand what needs to be improved to get the most out of your performance marketing, regardless of how complex a report is.

4. Optimize
  • Advanced Targeting Options

    Voluum allows advanced targeting. First, select a group based on location (down to the city level), carrier, operating system, and other criteria. Next, optimize your campaign based on the targeting settings. For example, you can select different ad messages for users in New York and Washington.

  • A/B Testing for Flows

    With Voluum you can not only control the flow of traffic but carry out A/B tests to determine which ads and landers perform better for a given conversion goal. Since you don’t need to set anything on the traffic source side, you save a lot of time, which can be reinvested in other areas.

  • Customer Lifetime Value Tracking

    Voluum can keep track of all actions users take throughout their lifecycle, so you can maximize their lifetime value (LTV). For example, you can monitor app installs, signups, first and subsequent purchases, and also all actions related to buying, such as upgrades and renewals. This allows you to optimize your campaigns at each stage and maximize revenue.

5. Automate
  • Machine Learning for Optimization

    Once you have collected enough data, you can put the optimization process on autopilot. Our machine learning algorithms can optimize the traffic automatically, leaving you time to focus on your most important business decisions. You can still optimize manually, but many of our clients find this feature to be a real lifesaver when running lots of campaigns.

  • API for Third-Party Extensions

    You can control any part of Voluum through our free API. This saves you time because you don’t have to log in manually into Voluum and you can control it remotely from your systems. Additionally, you can use the API to aggregate data and process it on your end. It enables you to develop automation algorithms to optimize campaigns based on data collected by our state-of-the-art infrastructure.

  • AI Powered Offer Automation

    With enabled Offer Automation, Voluum automatically sends more traffic to the offers that perform the most, guaranteeing you maximum ROI. Forget about adjusting weights and checking stats every 5 minutes, delegate it to the AI!

6. Scale
  • Infinite Automatic Scalability

    Focus only on performance and don’t waste time on server upgrades and self-hosted software updates. Voluum is designed to handle billions of events in real time. It really has the capacity to handle all traffic on the internet – seriously.

  • No Downtime

    Voluum provides you with a 100% server uptime guarantee, which means that your campaigns will continually be making money. Our architecture includes multiple data centers on five continents. In the unlikely event that one data center goes down, traffic will be redirected to the closest alternative. Your campaigns will continue to run normally.

  • Accommodates Wide-Ranging Demands

    Track large budgets with confidence. Voluum is used for tracking $1.5 bn in revenue annually and is growing fast. Voluum is the hands-down market leader in performance advertising tracking and it’s not just us saying it – Google it to see for yourself.