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From a self-hosted tracker to Voluum, optimizing 400+ campaigns with ease

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AdExtrem is an Adult-only CPM ad network with a targeted and increasingly exclusive inventory. Their traffic is mainly focused on France and French-speaking countries, which account for 70% of their inventory, but they are expanding into other GEOs with a careful validation process.

This traffic comes exclusively from tubes, dating blogs, social networks, email dating databases, and their own traffic. This lets them provide a variety of ad formats including anti-adblocker Popunders, banners, smartlinks, push notifications, email, and social.


AdExtrem is an Adult-only CPM ad network with a targeted and increasingly exclusive inventory.


Expanding to new GEOs outside their trusted and tested French-speaking countries.


Using Voluum’s Rule-Based Paths and Traffic Distribution AI to effortlessly optimize more than 400 campaigns.

Voluum feature

Anti-Fraud Kit / Automation / Collaboration Tools / Conversion tracking / Integrations / Reports & Analytics / Rule-Based paths / Traffic Distribution AI


Scaled to optimize over 400 campaigns simultaneously. More time to focus on growing the business, as well as finding new offers, and profitable GEOs.

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AdExtrem’s journey to Voluum started as so many do, via a personal recommendation. 

They were in conversation with another media buyer and he began to rave about Voluum. He told them that Voluum was the best tracker he used because it was a SaaS and the server never went down. 

Adextrem was also very interested in the mobile app. The ability to monitor on the go and respond quickly when something is going wrong or going well was an important factor in their decision-making. 

Instant Payoff

Switching from a self-hosted tracker to Voluum was easier than expected for Adextrem. They could focus on the business rather than keeping the technology running. They saw a real gain in time when they stopped managing their own databases and started using flows. Now, Adextrem can set up complex sets of paths that optimize their targeted traffic.

The time they are able to put back into growing their business helped them expand, and stop worrying about getting overcharged on servers. Since everything is handled by Voluum, Adextreem can focus on running its campaigns. Managing and optimizing their 400+ campaigns became easy thanks to flows and Traffic Distribution AI.

By moving from an expensive self-hosted solution to Voluum, AdExterm saw an immediate reduction in its costs and gained more time. They then discovered the unique innovations that Voluum has brought to the market which allowed them to be more reactive and responsive, leading to more cash in their pocket.

“By switching to Voluum, AdExtrem could focus on its business rather than keeping its technology running. We are currently running 400+ campaigns with no difficulty. We can manage and optimize easily thanks to flows and Traffic Distribution AI.”

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