1st time’s the charm: How Voluum helped Point2Web reach 50% more revenue & 10M clicks in less than a year from Facebook Ads


Point2Web’s history goes back to 2017 when Alex, the CEO, along with his partner were trying to make their mark by setting up offers on different platforms, driving traffic to them, and getting as many conversions as possible. 

Soon came the time to size up operations – getting more partners on board, and setting up offers on a larger scale. 

Their most successful niches include insurance leadgen, app installs, and sweepstakes. 

Point2Web also runs its offers on a variety of platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Taboola, and Outbrain. 

Broken-down cars can’t race

“Without a tracker, it was like having a car with just 3 wheels – you can travel some distance with it, but you won’t go far.”

Before using a tracker, the Point2Web team faced challenges as old as time. 

How to optimize when you have to input and compare data manually?

Well, it might work if you’re working with maybe two offers, and max two landing pages….But Point2Web is working with 30+ affiliates, across multiple channels and verticals. It was simply too time-consuming and they lacked the in-depth analysis required for a growing business. 

But the hardest part was optimizing sub-sources and creatives across multiple campaigns, and having to calculate conversion and click-through rates manually. 

With all of that work getting done by hand, Point2Web found itself unable to test new offers or verticals. Which left them feeling like they were trying to get across the city on a bike when they could jump into a car – out of breath…  

Winning comes with the right car 

So to Point2Web, apart from aiding some of the pain points, and targeting specific issues, finding the right tracker was about much more. It was about recognizing tracking as a vital part of their business. On top of realizing that for it to truly work, you’ve got to do it properly. 

And soon the search for the perfect tracking solution began. Point2Web narrowed its requirements to the four most crucial areas:

  • In-depth reporting and data breakdowns. 
  • Integrations with traffic sources and networks to have all data in one place.
  • Options for rotating landing pages. 
  • And finally being able to set up custom auto-rules.

Finding anything that would satisfy and support Point2Web’s growing business proved to be a bit tricky.

But then it seemed like Voluum kept popping out of nowhere everywhere they turned. Every conference, forum, and so on. Before they even realized it, Point2Web went for it. Rash decision? Well, this time it turned out that what shines is, in fact, gold.

Finding your teammates

Most of Point2Web’s business happens on platforms like Facebook. 

Facebook is a leading traffic source – it allows you to target an exact audience, and serve ads to qualified leads or users who were at some point interested in a similar product. Combine that with the power to reach over 2B users and now you know why so many advertisers choose Facebook repeatedly. 

That’s why Facebook and Voluum are integrated which means you get to observe the strength of our Automizer feature in the first-row seat. 

In practice it means you get to set up auto-rules that will manage your campaign for you by setting the alarm if any anomalies are detected and automatically creating whitelists of profitable placements. You’re able to automatically synchronize costs on the Facebook campaign level, and pause or activate campaigns in the Voluum panel or again with the help of auto-rules. 

It also allows you to pass conversion data reported by an affiliate network with a postback URL to Facebook. Why is that relevant? 

Facebook famously uses pixel technology to track conversions which is a fine solution if you’re the offer owner. But otherwise, this makes passing conversion difficult for marketers who advertise 3rd party offers and want to track conversions via postbacks.

That was the case. But not anymore. After verifying any domain you own on Facebook, and integrating your business account with Voluum, you can generate a postback URL in Voluum and use it as a traffic source postback. 

That opens the door to 3rd party offers, with a reliable connection and the choice to differentiate between conversion types. 

Voluum can simply bridge the gaps to improve your advertising. You can read more on setting it up here. 

Voluum is your best pit-stop team

Even though Voluum is the first tracker they ever tried, Point2Web never wanted to change.  

Voluum makes working with multiple advertisers and many variations of landing pages simpler by allowing the user to set up schedules for them. This way Alex and his team can ensure that specific campaigns run, for example, during opening hours of call centers, driving traffic to their clients in a way that converts. 

Most of Point2Web’s traffic comes from social media platforms like Facebook. About 90% of traffic. 

And Point2Web also found a really handy way of working with multiple media buyers on Facebook. Each one requires a URL with a unique domain name. This would normally necessitate creating 40 landing pages separately and maintaining them. With Voluum however, they could mirror the original WordPress page 40 times and use the Voluum script to replace the domain name in the URL. Efficient, without needing multiple ad accounts on Facebook. 

If you thought that’s all Point2Web loves about Voluum, you’re wrong.

Point2Web also appreciates Voluum’s ability to split-test multiple pages. An important feature to accurately optimize your work. Especially when dealing with at least 40 versions of a landing page for about 20 different advertisers.

The process of A/B testing can be automated in Voluum thanks to Traffic Distribution AI. Thanks to this feature Voluum can re-adjust traffic flows to your best-performing landers. Without having to constantly check your performance, split-testing lander variations become simple, saving Point2Web quite some time on optimization. 

Adding to that, they found the sort of in-depth reporting they were looking for in Voluum’s real-time reports and multiple options for data breakdown. The actionable insights they want are perfectly within reach, thanks to Voluum’s incredibly powerful reporting engine. Each event in Voluum is linked to over 30 data points, and to make sense of it you can choose from 4 grouping options and 7 drill-down levels to squeeze out the vital sets of data. 

Sadly, like many advertisers (if not all) Point2Web has to fight bot traffic. It doesn’t only chip away at your budget, but could severely damage your reputation. And yet again, Voluum comes in with a solution. Our Anti-Fraud kid helps detect suspicious events by gathering comprehensive data and flagging them in reports. Maximized traffic protection means Point2Web gets to enjoy spending its budget on traffic that truly converts.

Last but not least, Point2Web is also very happy to rely on the Voluum support team each time they hit a bump in the road. And in the words of Alex: 

“You guys are like our friends.”

 More trophies than you can handle

Point2Web started seeing positive results on day one after getting the keys to their carmine red race car, Voluum.

The company noted a 50% increase in profitability and 40% – 50% more leads generated. 

The energy saved from not having to track their progress manually meant that they were able to focus on scaling their processes monthly and turn up the volume of projects they were able to take on.

Not to mention the sweet $5M in revenue in 2022 alone with over 10M clicks speeding through Voluum obstacle-free. 

We all know what a powerful marketing tool Facebook is, therefore it is only fit to combine it with a powerful tracking tool. Which will take your game to the next level through the highest quality integrations and features like Automizer. For working smarter, not harder. 

Your wins are our biggest gains. 

Voluum team. 

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