As explained in our End User Privacy Policy, with regard to the processing of End users’ Personal information Voluum – while our customers use Voluum Tracker platform – acts as a service provider. 

Nevertheless, due to the specificity of services provided via integrated Voluum DSP platform we may sell (as defined by CCPA) your data to advertising networks cooperated with us (the list of them is available in section XI. Information Transferred from Third-Party Services) and our partners and customers. Also our customers (usually performance marketers and self-serve advertisers) may use our technology to buy or sell Personal information (as defined by CCPA and since the definition of “sale” in CCPA is very broad; for example it includes making available a wide variety of information in exchange for “valuable consideration”), in particular in order to track and measure marketing effectiveness of interest-based advertising presented in apps or in websites. 

If you wish to opt out of sale, including to opt out of being tracked with desktop and mobile website environments from Voluum Tracker, please follow the instructions below:

The generic solution of the opt out option offered by the Voluum Tracker is available under the following link:
{} is the name of the domain assigned to the Voluum customer.

Because the domain name is set by each customer individually, you need to get in touch with the customer of the online advertisement to find out the correct domain name under which the online advertisement is set. Once the Voluum customer replies with the domain name, you can provide the link in an address bar in your web browser to be able to opt out.

Opting out of being tracked with desktop and mobile website environments from the tracking advertising part of the Voluum platform is valid for at least 2 years for a web browser where the opt-out option has been set. The option can be enabled only for a particular web browser meaning that if you switch to other web browsers, clear cookies, or use a browser’s incognito mode, you need to go through the opt-out procedure once more. When the opt-out option expires, you need to repeat the same procedure to turn it on again.

Please note that the right to opt-out only applies to the End users (user of an Internet connected device, such as a visitor to a website, a user of a mobile app, or a user of an IoT device, or a visitor on an advertisement, landing page, or campaign) and not to our customers. As explained in our customer Privacy Policy we do not sell Personal information of our customers. For detailed information concerning the processing of customer’s Personal information by Voluum please see our Privacy Policy.