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September 2021
September update: Big Data Reports and more tweaks!

Our September pride are Big Data Reports. They show the true might of Voluums’ database and reporting engine. From now on, you can request even the biggest reports with up to 4 grouping options and get them via email in a convenient CSV file format. Whenever you select the fourth grouping option, or try to generate a report for a really long time range, or simply select the ‘Big Data Reports’ option from the ‘Export/Import’ menu, you will see the configuration window. Define your parameters there and wait a few moments for your report to be delivered.


There are also some minor updates to the Automizer and postbacks with no click ID.

Big Data Reports

The Big Data Report configuration windows allows you to select even four grouping options, a time zone, time range, and a campaign.

Additionally, you can provide up to five email addresses for your report to be delivered to. Visit our support article for more information.

Note that the number of reports you can request per month is defined in your pricing plan. Contact our sales team to purchase more reports!

Attribute conversions to landers, offers, and flows when no click ID is present.

For all situations where you cannot get a click ID that was associated with your conversion in the postback URL, you could use a fallback mechanism that attributed conversions to the specific campaign.

Now you can pass additional information in the postback URL:

  • offer ID
  • lander ID
  • flow ID
  • path ID

Doing so will attribute conversions to these elements as well. Read the support article to learn more.

Change bids for Outbrain ad and section dimensions in Automizer

You can now change bids for Outbrain ad and section dimension inside the Voluum panel or via Auto-rules.

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